10 Most Sexually Graphic Movies on Hulu Right Now

What are the best vulgar and borderline disturbing movies on Hulu right now? Is porn available on Hulu? These are two questions that we often get from our readers. The answer to the second question is no. But worry not! We have thoroughly scanned Hulu to put together a list of the dirtiest and steamiest movies on Hulu.

Now, let’s be clear on a few things. These movies are not porn. Not even close. With this list, we bring you the dirtiest movies on Hulu. These movies boast of minimal to moderate nude scenes — given the fact that most of the scenes in these movies are implied, if not explicit. Not only are these the most sensuous, erotic, and sultriest movies on Hulu, they also showcase ample nudity to satiate one’s horniest desires. Because Hulu has only so many movies with a lot of nudity, we’ve brought to you the best, which are a must-watch for those who seek to douse those deep dark urges. So, if you had the question of which are the most sexually graphic movies on Hulu, you might get your answer here.

10. Four Lovers (2010)

French filmmaker Antony Cordier’s ‘Four Lovers,’ alternatively known as ‘Happy Few,’ is more a relationship drama than an erotic romance. However, there are plenty of steamy scenes that will leave the audience hot and bothered. Two sets of couples, Rachel (Marina Foïs) and Franck (Roschdy Zem) and Vincent (Nicolas Duvauchelle) and Teri (Élodie Bouchez), discover that they are attracted to each other’s spouses and decide to swap partners.

The previously moribund and predictable lives of the four individuals are forgotten. However, there is a sense of urgency in the actions of each character, subtly acknowledging that they know that the utopia they have built will not last forever. A time will come soon enough when they will have no choice but to part ways.

9. AWOL (2016)

Inspired by a short film of the same name by Deb Shoval, ‘AWOL’ is a romantic drama film that revolves around a small-town girl named Joey who is desperate to find a purpose in life. Her search appears to bear some fruit when she ends up in an Army recruiting office, but things don’t really go as she had anticipated. Joey meets a gorgeous girl named Rayna there, and the two end up falling for one another.

The search for purpose in life brings the two women together, but they do not envision how things will ultimately transpire. Featuring Lola Kirke and Breeda Wool in the lead roles, Shoval’s directorial debut captures the passionate relationship of the lesbian couple and features several graphic and sexually provocative scenes that only mature audience members should watch.

8. Cashback (2007)

Starring a slew of talented actors like Sean Biggerstaff, Emilia Fox, Shaun Evans, Michelle Ryan, and Stuart Goodwin, ‘Cashback’ is a romantic drama film that follows Ben, an ordinary young man who is struggling with the emotional trauma of his recent breakup. The protagonist decides to work at a local supermarket during the night to kill time, hoping it will help him distract himself and manage his insomnia well.

However, while working one night, Ben realizes that he has somehow gained the strange ability to freeze time and experience the true beauty of the world. Unfortunately, his habit of using his powers soon spiral out of control. The Sean Ellis directorial has tons of nude and semi-nude scenes, which makes ‘Cashback’ one of the hottest movies on the platform.

7. A Teacher (2013)

Hannah Fidell’s ‘A Teacher’ explores the forbidden relationship between a teacher and a student. Diana Watts (Lindsay Burdge) teaches English at a high school in Austin, Texas. When her roommate Sophia (Jennifer Prediger) sees that someone named Eric (Will Brittain) has been messaging Diana, her interest is understandably piqued. Diana evasively answers that this is a man she met at the school.

It is later revealed that Eric is actually one of Diana’s students. The film is purposefully an uncomfortable watch, as it subtly poses moral and ethical questions while driving the narrative from the perspective of an unreliable narrator. Fidell developed a TV miniseries of the same name from the film. It premiered on FX on Hulu in November 2020; you can watch the show here!

6. Disobedience (2017)

Based on Naomi Alderman’s novel of the same name, ‘Disobedience’ is a romantic drama film that explores themes of sexuality and faith. The movie revolves around Ronit Krushka, a New York-based photographer, who returns to the ultra-orthodox Jewish community in London after the death of her father.

Ronit was shunned from the community many years ago after she got attracted to her friend, Esti. When she meets Esti again, the two women develop a burning passion for one another. Starring Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams, and Alessandro Nivola in pivotal roles, the film masterfully addresses taboo topics and is, therefore, a great watch.

5. Beach Rats (2017)

‘Beach Rats’ showcases how social pressure and self-denial can cause a person’s downfall. The main character of the movie — Frankie — is living a somewhat problematic life. His father is seriously ill and is on his deathbed. His mother is constantly pressurizing him to get into a relationship with a girl. However, Frankie is kind of confused about himself. As much as he would like to have a girlfriend and lead a “normal” life, at his core, Frankie is different. He likes to have casual encounters with men on beaches.

Soon, Frankie also starts indulging in sex with older men so that there would be a lesser chance of them knowing any of his friends. Being frustrated, Frankie starts relying on drugs to find solace, and a downward spiral begins, which consumes his life. Even though we see a lot of sex in the movie, ‘Bleach Rats’ tries to show a substantial and relevant issue plaguing our society.

3. All About E (2015)

Directed by Louise Wadley, ‘All About E’ is a romantic comedy movie that follows a young Arabic-Australian DJ named E whose life takes an unprecedented turn when she finds a bag full of cash and decides to keep it. But with nowhere else to turn to, E is forced to run to her ex-girlfriend, Trish. While she expects to ignore the demon of the past, will E truly manage to do so and form a good relationship with Trish? The film is a fun watch and also has an intense lovemaking scene between a lesbian couple that is graphic in nature.

2. 28 Hotel Rooms (2012)

’28 Hotel Rooms’ is a drama film directed and written by Matt Ross. The film centers upon a New York-based novelist and an accountant from Seattle who are engaged in an inconsistent amorous affair with one another over a period of several years. The film captures their long-distance relationship, which remains entirely sexual in nature as the two immediately part ways once they have indulged in their carnal desires. As you may have already guessed, the ’28 Hotel Rooms’ have no dearth of graphic sex scenes between its deuteragonist, and it is arguably the sexiest film on this list.

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1. Ma Ma (2015)

The fact that Penelope Cruz is one of the most powerful actors of her generation is something that has been long-established with her films in collaboration with Pedro Almodovar. This film finds her working with Spanish director Julio Medem, and we can easily say that the film boasts of one of the best performances by the actress. Cruz’s character in this film is called Magda, a single mother who works as a teacher and lives a rather quiet life. Magda’s world turns completely around when she discovers that she has breast cancer.

While undergoing treatment, Magda becomes close to two men who show her that love and life can still have a lot of meaning when all seems lost. One of these men is a football coach at her son’s school, and the other is the doctor to whom she goes for her treatment. If the film had a better screenplay with more nuanced characters, it could have done justice to the brilliant effort Cruz puts in as the leading character.

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