2012 Sequel: Everything We Know

There was widespread speculation among conspiracy theorists that the world would come to an end by the year 2012. Roland Emmerich, the disaster filmmaker who has gifted us films like ‘Independence Day,’ creates a simulation of a disaster so far-fetched that the script only becomes a vessel to portray the cathartic event of the apocalypse. But like most films of the director, the cloud of doom moves away as a new horizon gives the promise of hope.

The story manages to articulately build on the general environment of fear and paranoia about the apocalypse that began with the discovery of the predictions in the ancient Mayan calendar. While the film is too timely in that regard, the possibility of a continuation of the story in the post-apocalyptic world remains, or does it? If you are wondering whether ‘2012’ will get a sequel, consider us your ally.

2012 Sequel Release Date

‘2012’ had a theatrical premiere in the USA, Canada, and Sweden on November 13, 2009, two days after its early release in countries like France and Egypt. The film was previously set for a summer release, but the production team admitted that the delay gave them extra time to perfect the post-production procedure.

The film was a massive global box-office success at the time of its release, gathering an awful lot of revenue. While some critics were eager to dismiss the film as a visual effects gimmick, people loved to breathe the chaotic atmosphere of collapse. And that is probably why people from all over the world went to the theatres to perceive a dramatized version of judgment day. While people have been quick to point out the sheer grandeur of the visuals, the runtime was a bit too stretched for some, and the film has polarized audiences.

However, there is something to say for the great performances given by John Cusack as Jackson Curtis, Amanda Peet as Kate Curtis, Chiwetel Ejiofor as geologist Adrian Helmsley, Thandie Newton as Laura Wilson, and Danny Glover as Thomas Wilson. Since the film falls under the disaster genre, it is pertinent to note that these doomsday flicks chronicle fictional or realistic depictions of natural and man-made catastrophes and end in the finality of collapse or aversion. In most cases, a small group remains alive, while the whole world has been rendered obliterated. In such scenarios, sequels often fail to recapitulate the impact of the original catastrophe.

The film was built on the timely premise of the world’s end in the year 2012, which was prophesied by Nostradamus as well as the Mayans. In the second half of the first decade of the century, there was a general atmosphere of premonition that anticipated the doom. After the year came and passed, the voices ceased to reiterate their claims. The film’s initial charm is the main barring principle behind a probable sequel.

Many feel that the timely aspect of the film, which made it a commercial success, will not be retained in the sequel if there is one. All things considered, it is highly unlikely that ‘2012’ will ever have a sequel. But Roland Emmerich’s new film, ‘Moonfall,’ catches a space crew trying to shift the course of the moon, which would otherwise collapse on Earth, and it would expectantly have some close call situations. While another apocalypse averted film would be one too many, we are super pumped for some awe-inspiring actions.

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