Will There be a 365 Dni Sequel?

‘365 Dni’ is a Polish film that is finally available for streaming after its run in international theaters. The film’s steamy and romantic content has gained quite some popularity lately. And since it’s based on a novel trilogy of the same name written by Polish author Blanka Lipinska, many are now looking forward to its sequel. Although the ending of the movie leaves a lot of room for a potential follow-up, will it really happen? Well, to know the answer to that, read on.

365 Days 2 Release Date: Will There be 365 Days Sequel?

‘365 Dni’ released on Netflix Poland and soon became widely popular because of its raunchy sex scenes and romantic premise. Although it wasn’t exactly received with rave reviews, it has garnered somewhat of a cult following, especially amongst those who are familiar with its source material. Considering the kind of response it has received so far, it sure does have a good chance of receiving a sequel in the future. If the movie manages to reach Netflix’s viewership goals, we can expect ‘365 Days 2’ to release sometime in 2022 or later. 

365 Days 2: Plot and Cast

The inconclusive ending of ‘365’ days makes it pretty evident that its creators had initially intended to make a whole movie series out of it. As one may recall, in the second half of the film, Laura finally falls for Massimo and they even decide to marry. However, in the climactic moments of the film, Laura becomes the target of one of Massimo’s rival mafia. The second movie will pick up from here and will probably reveal how Laura is still alive but has been abducted. Massimo, who has loved no one more than her, will try his best to rescue her. With wedding bells around the corner, Massimo and Laura may eventually find some peace together, but with the indefinite threat of other mafia hanging around them, how long will Massimo be able to keep Laura safe?

If the second movie adapts the third novel as well, viewers will also get to Massimo and Laura’s grand wedding. But going by the story of the source, soon after their wedding, pregnant Laura will get shot. This is when Massimo will have to choose between saving her or his baby. After realizing all the uncertainties and threats that surround his family, he’ll have to make some tough choices.

When it comes to the cast of the film, we can expect Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone to reprise their leading roles as Laura and Massimo. Apart from them, other main cast members such as Bronisław Wrocławski (Mario), Otar Saralidze (Domenico), Magdalena Lamparska (Olga Natasza), Urbańska (Anna), will also return.

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