7 Most Overrated Actors Working Today

If you clicked on this link hoping to almighty god, “Please no Leo, please no Leo”, then you can take a breather. No, Leo is good, actually. Quite good, in fact. This list also won’t feature Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt because both of them can actually act, and are quite underrated as serious actors. But the industry is littered with many talent-less hacks, who either ham their way throughout their careers or are oak-faced. Yet, they are considered “good actors” which they aren’t, by any yardstick whatsoever.

This list doesn’t include those actors who are considered brilliant but whom we have only seen in a limited number/type of roles, as accurate judgment in those cases is not possible. Here’s our list of the 7 most overrated actors working in Hollywood today.

7. Will Smith

There was a time during the mid-2000’s when Will Smith was considered as one of the most talented actors. ‘Independence Day‘, ‘Men in Black‘, ‘Hitch’ and ‘The Pursuit of Happyness‘ proved how he could drop kicks, one-liners, charm and tears with such ease. Where did it all go wrong? I believe Will Smith has never evolved from that POH stage, never really stepped out of his comfort zone. He is an A-lister now, and has a fan following that’d never let his bank balance reach 6 figures. In other words, he has stopped trying.

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6. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford doesn’t act. He just delivers dialogues. Sure, call him iconic or whatever, but there is the same cynical quality to all his facial expressions, throughout his career. Even when he is Han Solo, or Indiana Jones, he is basically just Harrison Ford. He came very close to being only marginally good in “Witness” and “The Fugitive”, but overall he isn’t quite able to express the depth of emotions required for a dramatic role.

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5. Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson, for more than one decade has only been Samuel L Jackson in every movie. Though people may argue about his Nick Fury, have you ever seen his delivery? He simply reads lines. Now, I do not call him a bad actor, in fact he has had some great performances in the 80s and 90s, in genre defining movies. But his angry black man attitude has now got monotonous and it was something you would’ve expected him to grow out of, after ‘Unbreakable’. The man has talent, but I’m not quite sure if he really cares anymore.

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4. Sandra Bullock

“But she won the Oscar!” Yes, for a role which absolutely anyone could have done. “But, what about ‘Gravity‘?” Arguable, yes, but still not quite there. She has the same problem — she’s just Sandra Bullock in all her roles.

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3. Bill Murray

Good voice, great comic timing. But negligible expressions. ‘Lost in Translation‘ was probably a one hit wonder for him, acting wise.

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2. Mark Wahlberg

He carries the same, dour faced expression in all his roles, and doesn’t display much, if not any, emotional range.

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1. Halle Berry

Except for that one role in Monster’s Ball, Halle Berry hasn’t given any other praise-worthy performances. Not even average in our opinion. She has also achieved that rare feat of winning both an Academy award and a Razzie Award.

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