Will There be a ‘6 Underground’ Sequel?

Despite receiving a whole lot of critical drubbing, from a commercial standpoint, Michael Bay’s movies are able to perform exceptionally well. Pretty much like all of his films, ‘6 Underground‘ is yet another action flick that brims with his standard CGI explosions, and of course, slow-mo shots of pretty much everything. The film revolves around a man who, after faking his own death, embarks on a journey to create a whole new life for himself. With the prime intention of changing the world he lives in, he forms a team of vigilantes. All the members of his team, like him, are dead to the world and choose to leave their old lives behind just to satisfy their strong sense of justice.

With this, the team targets the corrupt President of a fictitious town called Turgistan. With his immense power, he lets his people suffer, while he creates a lavish life for himself and his Generals. The team plots an ultimate plan to not only overthrow his entire regime, but to also replace him with a worthy leader. From the looks of it, ‘6 Underground‘ does seem like the kind of film that could easily be transformed into an entire franchise. So, let’s further explore the possibilities of its renewal in the future. SPOILERS AHEAD!

6 Underground Sequel: What Can it Be About?

The world can be a scary place to live in. With crimes and corruption always on the rise, it’s the vulnerable ones who always suffer. ‘6 Underground’ reflects on how an entire nation begins to crumble under the vicious rule of a selfish leader. This is where a team of six—dead to the world—vigilantes step in and bring forth some much-needed peace in the nation. Now as unrealistic as their methods might have seemed in the film, it’s their noble motives that truly matter.

A sequel could again feature another corrupt powerful antagonist who, in one way or the other, imposes his insensitive beliefs on other people and misuses his power. And, of course, since it’s a sequel, the stakes for our heroes will be much higher this time.

Now there are certain ground rules that are adopted by most vigilante films and you might have noticed that even ‘6 Underground’ stays loyal to these. The first rule is that the motivation of the protagonists is never driven by their ego of winning against the bad guys. Their intentions solely revolve around doing what’s morally right. The second rule is that this motivation to fight crime should always be personal and should not be helmed with any personal grudges.

‘6 Underground’ applies the first rule in its last few moments, where the leader of the vigilante squad, One, chooses to save the life of his ally instead of blindly chasing the villain. And the second rule is pretty much projected in the entire storyline of the film. So a sequel, which would potentially again center Ryan Reynolds’ team of heroes, will certainly stick to these basic notions that are adopted by pretty much every similar film.

Moreover, since Ryan Reynolds’ character is the prominent figure that brings the entire crew together, his character will certainly be a part of a new installment of the film. Even when it comes to other characters, ‘6 Underground’ does not really dedicate much of its runtime on reflecting their backstories. So, if any of the six vigilantes return in the sequel, the film could very well further develop their characters with deeper background stories.

Quite often, the creators of films also drop subtle hints in context with a potential sequel. In the last scene of ‘6 Underground’, Ryan Reynolds remarks, “I am one, but I am not done.” This itself can be considered to be a subtle hint for a sequel. And since his character goes through a major transformation towards the end, a sequel could also reflect on his new intimate dynamics with his team.

So if we solely consider the plot of the first film, it is quite scalable and can easily be expanded into a full-fledged franchise like ‘Fast and Furious’. However, at the end of the day, the chances of getting a sequel will solely depend on how well the film is received by most of its viewers. If it manages to do well commercially, Michael Bay would certainly not miss out on the opportunity of cashing in another installment.

6 Underground 2 Release Date: When can it premiere?

It would be fair to conclude that there are enough clues in the way the film ends that a sequel must be part of the plan. But, as of now, there has been no official confirmation. Probably, Netflix wants to play it safe. Though fans of the film can take heart in the fact that many members of the cast, including Melanie Laurent and Corey Hawkins, have expressed interest in a sequel.  Assuming that a sequel gets into production soon, our best guess is that 6 Underground 2 will release sometime in 2022 or later.

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