7 Seeds Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot and Characters

The manga that ‘7 Seeds’ has been adapted from is known to be one of the best sci-fi mangas out there. So for obvious reasons, the expectations from the anime were very high. In some ways, the anime does try to meet its true potential but at the same time, it also disappoints. The show really excels in its storytelling style and somehow manages to get around all the pitfalls of a typical shounen and instead of portraying the characters as heroes/villains, it sparks a sense of maturity in all of their personalities which in turn reflects on the plot. Even the concept of the story itself is quite engaging and all of it just takes a realistic approach towards a post-apocalyptic world where no one has any special powers.

When it comes to the animation, it has been done by Studio Gonzo that is known for producing anime like ‘Gantz‘  and ‘Afro Samurai‘. This one is clearly not one of their best works as it somehow portrays a lack of creativity and not to mention, the CGI is a big turn off. The sound is mostly unnoticeable and it neither adds nor takes away much from the enjoyment of the series. The ending of the anime has generated a lot of mixed reactions because of how open-ended and abrupt it is. But I personally think that a season 2 will eventually settle that issue. Overall, every science fiction anime fan should give this one a try. Despite the flaws in the anime’s representation of survival tactics, it still comes off as quite realistic. Hopefully, the show will continue and will be able to live up to its true potential. Speaking of its continuation, to know more about its renewal, move on to the next section.

7 Seeds Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘7 Seeds’ season 1, comprising of 12-episode ONA, premiered on June 28, 2019 on Netflix. For all sci-fi anime fans, ‘7 Seeds’ has been no less than a dream so far and though, its ratings are slightly low on certain platforms, it still has become quite popular in a very small span.

Now when it comes to its second season, because of its cliffhanger ending in the first one, many fans were already expecting its renewal. Also, it’s nearly impossible for an anime to just squeeze in 16 years and 35 volumes worth of content in just one season. So to be fair, ‘7 Seeds’ has always had a solid chance of returning with a whole new season. The good news is that it has now been confirmed that ‘7 Seeds’ Season 2 will release on March 26, 2020. As soon as we get any news on its final release date, we will update it here. The official website of the anime also revealed that Moe Kamishiroishi has been selected for performing the opening song for the second phase of the anime.

7 Seeds English Dub:

If you still haven’t seen ‘7 Seeds’ yet, you can start streaming it with its English Dub on Netflix.

7 Seeds Plot:

A group of scientists is able to foresee a natural calamity that could wipe out the entire human race. A meteorite heads straight towards the planet of Earth and to preserve human life on the planet, a project termed as the “seven seeds” is initiated. According to this project, the lives of some healthy individuals will be preserved by using cryogenics, which will maximize their chance of surviving the impact of the meteorites. And only after the conditions on Earth are safe for humans again, these selected humans will be let out.

Following this, five survival groups are formed and are named Winter, Summer A, Summer B, Spring and Fall. All of the members of each of these groups have no clue that they are going through a process of cryonic preservation. Along with the seven members of each group, an adult guide trained for forest survival is also being preserved to help others survive the brutal conditions of the post-apocalyptic world. All five groups are then scattered in different regions of Japan where the Summer groups are sent to Southern and Northern Kyushu respectively; Fall in western Honshu; Winter in Hokkaido; Spring in central Honshu. A secret stock of sealed seeds is also prepared by the scientists and are placed near seven landmarks along with instructional books.

Soon the disaster strikes and the chosen humans wake up from their cryonic sleep in a world that is in absolute ruins. All alone in this new hostile environment that was once their home country, all of these young men and women now rely on each other for survival and the revival of the human race.

7 Seeds Characters:

Arashi Aota

Arashi is a 17-year-old from Team Spring who is also the boyfriend of Hana. He is a considerate person who is nice to almost anyone. He only loses his temper when someone tries to threaten his girlfriend in any way. After hanging out with the members of his team, he gets really attached to most of them, especially Semimaru and Natsu. So whenever he gets into any kind of trouble, he thinks of them and Hana. He used to be the captain of his swim team in his school and has a very athletic physique. But despite so strong and dominating, he has a paralyzing fear of insects.

Natsu Iwahimizu

Natsu is a 14-year-old girl from Team Summer B who seems to be extremely shy and withdrawn from everyone else. She has low self-esteem because of all the bullying she has gone through during her school days. Often, she even locks herself in a room and feels bitter towards those who have had a better childhood than her. Because of her lack of social skills, she initially finds it hard to adapt to the post-apocalyptic world. But she soon becomes an asset for her team because of her observational abilities. Every time the team discovers an edible plant or fruit, she notes it down in her notebook to be able to refer to it again in the future.

Hana Suguruno

Hana has a tomboyish personality but despite that, she is considered to be a very attractive girl because of her feminine features and curvy body. Initially, she keeps her hair long and is often complimented for how beautiful her long wavy hair is. But later she decides to cut it short as it causes her a lot of inconvenience in the post-apocalyptic world. She is strong, bold and never holds herself back when it comes to pointing out the wrongdoings of others. Because of this, she is not able to get along with everyone but the ones who know her well, really respect her. She enjoys using her strengths to help others survive but even then, she prefers being more of a lone wolf and hates depending on others.

Haru Yukima

Haru is a 16-year-old boy who used to be a musical prodigy before the events of the disaster. Apart from playing the piano, he can also play many other instruments like the ocarina. After he realizes that the world they knew has come to an end, he feels relieved to be rid of all the pressures he used to feel because of his music competitions. But he hates the fact that music is almost non-existent in this new world.

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