90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined: Everything We Know

90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined

One of the most popular dating reality series on TLC, ‘90 Days Fiance,’ is all set to spawn a Quarantine-themed spin-off titled ‘90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined.’ Unlike its parent series, which usually tackles long-distance relationships that survive the barrier of religion, caste, and geographical distance, the spin-off aims at showcasing how the fan-favorite contestants are managing during the pandemic that has taken over the world.

The show features self-captured footage of the former cast members from the previous seasons of ‘90 Day Fiancé’ and its spin-offs – ‘Happily Ever After,’ ‘Before the 90 Days,’ ‘What Now?’ ‘The Other Way,’ and ‘Pillow Talk.’ The show’s unique concept is creating a lot of buzz among the fans of the franchise, who are wondering: When will ‘90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined’ season 1 release, and who all are in it? Well, we might be able to help you with that. Keep reading!

90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined Season 1 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined’ season 1 will premiere on April 20, 2020, at 9 pm ET, on TLC. It will consist of five episodes with a runtime of 50-60 minutes each.

90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined Cast: Contestants

Here is the confirmed list of the cast members who appear on the five-part special.

Alan (Fremont, Utah) and Kirlyam (Brazil) – ‘90 Day Fiancé, What Now?’
Anna (Bellevue, Neb.) and Mursel (Turkey) – ‘90 Day Fiancé.’
Benjamin (Phoenix, Ariz.) and Akinyi (Kenya) – ‘Before the 90 Days.’
Brett (Snohomish, Wash.) and Daya (Philippines) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Happily Ever After?’
Caesar (Jacksonville, N.C.) – ‘Before the 90 Days.’
Chantel (Atlanta, Ga.) & Pedro (Dominican Republic) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Happily Ever After?’ and ‘The Family Chantel.’
Colt & Debbie (Las Vegas, Nev.) – 90 Day Fiancé, ‘Happily Ever After?’ and ‘Pillow Talk.’
Corey (Mill A., Wash.) & Evelin (Ecuador) – ‘The Other Way,’ and ‘What Now?’
Cortney (Davenport, Fla.) – ‘Before the 90 Days,’ and ‘What Now?’
Danielle (Sandusky, Ohio) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Happily Ever After?,’ ‘What Now?,’ and ‘Pillow Talk.’
Darcey (Middletown, Conn.) – ‘Before the 90 Days’ and ‘Pillow Talk.’
David (Louisville, Ky.) & Annie (Thailand) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Happily Ever After?,’ ‘What Now?,’ ‘Pillow Talk.’
Dean (Virginia Beach, Va.) – ‘Before the 90 Days,’ ‘What Now?,’ and ‘Pillow Talk.’
Elizabeth (Tampa, Fla.) & Andrei (Moldova) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Happily Ever After?,’ and ‘Pillow Talk.’
Emily (Portland, Ore.) & Sasha (Russia) – ‘90 Day Fiancé.’
Jesse (Netherlands) – ‘Before the 90 Days,’ and ‘What Now?’
Karen & Thomas (Atlanta, Ga.) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Happily Ever After?,’ and ‘The Family Chantel.’
Michael (Greenwich, Conn.) and Juliana (Brazil) – ‘90 Day Fiancé.’
Molly (Woodstock, Ga.) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Happily Ever After?,’ and ‘What Now?,’ ‘Pillow Talk.’
Narkyia (Camp Hill, Pa.) and Lowo (Nigeria) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ and ‘What Now?’
Patrick (Las Vegas, Nev.) – ‘Before the 90 Days,’ and ‘What Now?’
Rachel (Albuquerque, N.M.) and Jon (England) – ‘Before the 90 Days,’ and ‘What Now?’
River & Winter (Atlanta, Ga.) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Happily Ever After?,’ and ‘The Family Chantel.’
Robert (Winter Park, Fla.) and Anny (Dominican Republic) – ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘What Now?’ and ‘Pillow Talk.’
Tiffany (Frederick, Md.) and Ronald (South Africa) – ‘The Other Way,’ and ‘What Now?’
Yamir (Nicaragua) – ‘90 Day Fiancé.’

What is 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined Plot About?

The makers of the TLC special emphasize on the fact that the production crew members are not directly involved in the filming process and are instead under self-isolation, like the rest of the world. The show features several former contestants, who are now famous personalities, as film themselves via their mobile phones and cameras, sharing how they are dealing with challenges like anxiety and cabin fever, thrown at them by the global coronavirus pandemic.

It is a compilation of self-filmed footage and confessional interviews taken via an electronic medium by the producers. It helps the fans to keep up with their favorite celebrities and also get a closer look at the personal lives of the contestants. Some of the contestants are together, while some are stuck in different locations because of the lockdown restrictions.

The limited series also features the contestants who are not together anymore. Talking about the experimental quality of the show, Howard Lee, the president of TLC, told Variety, “This series will look very hot-off-the-press — it will look like the paint has not dried. I think our audience is incredibly forgiving right now, and I’m hoping that they accept the way it looks. It will be messy!”

90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined Trailer

Check out the promo of ‘90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined’ season 1!

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