What to Expect From 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Season 2 Episode 4?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 4

‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ season 2 premiered on June 8, 2020, showcasing the stories of new and returning couples who aim to defy all odds to achieve their happily ever after. The first episode features three new couples – Yazan and Brittany, Kenneth and Armando, and Ariela and Biniyam – and a familiar pair, Jenny and Sumit, who are ready to give their relationship another chance. The latest episode puts the spotlight on another returning couple, Deavan and Jihoon.

The episode is packed with shocking revelations and heartbreaks as some partners choose to hide the bitter truth from their significant other. Dive into the recap section to know more about it. In case you are wondering about what goes down in the upcoming episode, i.e., ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ season 2 episode 4? We have got you covered.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ season 2 episode 4 will release on June 22, 2020, at 9 pm ET, on TLC.

The upcoming episode is titled ‘My Life in 7 Suitcases.’ In the episode, a pregnant Ari finally might make a move to Ethiopia to unite with her love, Biniyam, but not without certain objections from her mother. Jenny’s world might come crashing down on seeing the condition of her new home in India. Brittany might bring with her a baggage of lies to Jordan, which can cause a rift between her and her fiance Yazan. Jihoon will be shocked to learn that Deavan is keeping a secret from him.

Where to Watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 4 Online?

You can watch ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ Season 2 Episode 4 if you have a cable connection, by tuning in to TLC at the above time slot. You can also watch the released episodes online by logging into TLC’s official website. There are several other streaming options as well. You can live-stream the series on Philo TVDirectv, Sling TV, Fubo TV, or YouTube TV. Previous episodes are available for rent on Amazon Prime Video.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 3 Recap:

The episode is titled ‘Heart My Broken.’

It begins with an emotional montage featuring the returning couple – Deavan and Jihoon. An unemployed Jihoon lies to Deavan about having a job and acts clueless when asked about his salary. Deavan reveals that she will be staying in a rented place for a month until Jihoon finds them a permanent home. When she asks him to be a responsible father and husband, he says, “We will be fine. You just trust me.”

Sumit’s brother tells him that he will face a lot of trouble for marrying someone older than their mother. Sumit is heartbroken on hearing that his marriage to Jenny will bring “shame” to their conservative family. He breaks down and prays for everything to end up alright. While at the airport, Jenny’s daughter Christina inquires about Sumit’s divorce papers. Jenny says that although she hasn’t seen the papers yet, she is confident that he isn’t lying this time.

Yazan fantasizes about how he will change Brittany’s dressing style once they get married. He also reveals that his family would have appreciated if Brittany was related to him, since his parents are related to each other, like many of his relatives. Yep, the “relation” he is referring to is incest. Meanwhile, Brittany feels the pressure of revealing the truth about her divorce battle with her ex-husband, to Yazan. While seeing her off at the airport, her father tells Brittany, “Be brave, tell the truth.”

Kenneth reveals Armando’s real age to his kids. After the initial shock wears off, his kids extend their support to their relationship but express worry about him being accepted in Armando’s family because of his age. Ariela sits through a family dinner where a lot of shades get thrown at her and Biniyam’s cultural differences and also on the fact that he has a son with another American woman. Her father straight-up asks her, “Couldn’t you have found a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn?”

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