A Certain Scientific Railgun T Ep 21: What to Expect?

At this point, it seems like J.C.Staff has surpassed all expectations with the Railgun series. What started off as a mere spin-off of the original, is now seemingly among the best offerings of the railgun/index franchise. And with only a few more episodes to go now, it seems evident that Season 3 of ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’ will be recalled as one of the best seasons of the entire franchise. So if you haven’t started watching it yet, jump on it before it reaches its finale and the spoilers start flooding in. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about its next episode.

A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3 Episode 21 Release Date: When will it premiere?

A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3 premiered on January 10, 2020, and just like the previous season, it is expected to have a total of 25 episodes. Its 21st episode is scheduled to release on August 28, 2020. 

Where to Watch A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3 Episode 21 English Dub Online?

You can stream the English subbed version of the anime on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3 Spoilers

At the beginning of the third season of ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun,’ all the Espers of Academy City prepare themselves for the upcoming Daihasei Festival. With the festival right around the corner, the organizers find themselves in a dilemma—they are expected to find at least two Espers who would be willing to announce the opening pledge of the festival. With this, all the organizers set out to relentlessly send invites to all level five Espers who they believe would be interested in the opening ceremony. Little do they realize that this would piss off almost all of them. Espers like Accelerator get so mad that they even beat up the organizers who dare to ask them to be a part of the ceremony. Being a level five Esper, Mikoto, too, gets an invite, but instead of reacting like most other Espers, she decides to give it some thought before completely rejecting the offer. Even after receiving a lot of support from everyone, Mikoto eventually decides to let it go, and ultimately, Misaki and Gunha get finalized as the level five  Espers who would be opening the ceremony.

When the day of the ceremony arrives, Misaki does her part well, but Gunha goes a little overboard and starts the festival with a bang. As the events begin, Mikoto participates in one and manages to win using her superior abilities. With what follows, one of her sisters shows up at the festival and accidentally replaces her during one event. Mikoto does not make a big deal out of it as she realizes that her sisters also need to have some fun. But the, her sister suddenly disappears and Mikoto sets out on another adventure in the underbelly of the Academy City.

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