Is A Star is Born on Netflix? Where to Stream A Star is Born for Free?

‘A Star is Born’ is just good old, classic Hollywood. It follows the story of a washed up singer who has his own problems. Into his life, enters a young talent, a muse almost, someone he can mold and help. This savior complex soon turns into something romantic, which in turn mutates to a degree of toxicity, when the younger singer receives more praise and mention than the one who saved her.

It is a tale of two characters who change, one spiraling downwards, while the other rises to the top, all the while, their only redemption lies in their love for each other, which comes a little too late when they reconcile, but not in the time that they both might be saved. It is a tearjerker and has a whole gamut of emotions. Ranging from love, jealousy, loyalty, and the promise to be the best version of oneself, it is no wonder that audiences have related to it every time it has come out; and the 2018 version of ‘A Star is Born’, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga has been no different.

The film has been praised for the performances of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and for Cooper’s direction too. Seeing as how popular this version has become, you must be wondering where you can watch the movie if you have not seen it, or where you can re-watch it, just to enjoy this well-made work of art. We have got you covered, but before that, let us take a look at the plot of ‘A Star is Born’.

What is A Star is Born About?

If you want to know what ‘A Star is Born’ is about, it is a story about a famous singer who struggles with personal problems but finds inspiration in a young talented girl and pushes her towards success. When she becomes successful, there is some jealousy, although the two are in love, and by the end of the movie, there is an emotional reconciliation between the two. Clear on the structure? Good.

Our 2018 version of ‘A Star is Born’ introduces us to Jackson “Jack” Maine (Bradley Cooper), a famous country singer who has a drinking problem and is also battling drug addiction. Bobby, his manager, and the older half brother is his main support. After a concert in California, Jack heads to a drag bar where he hears a local talent, by the name of Ally, perform. Impressed by this singer-songwriter, Jack takes her under his wing and, although off to a hesitant start, the two soon begin a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Jack’s drinking problems begin to affect his relationships and after an altercation with Bobby, he quits. Ally too begins to grow distant, but that’s only because her career is taking off. She gravitates more towards pop and makes a name for herself, much to Jack’s displeasure.

He drunkenly berates this new image of Ally’s and though he reconciles with Bobby later, he publicly embarrasses himself at the Grammys by wetting himself and passing out. Ally, however, decides to help him. Such is the nature of love. While Jack enters a rehab program, a lot of repressed things come out, like his suicide attempt when he was 13, or the fact that he has a worsening case of tinnitus.

Ally and Jack reconcile, as lovers often do, but Ally’s manager refuses to have Jack on board, believing he is holding her back. He makes this known to Jack, and our country singer, having led a life of pain, commits suicide by hanging himself. Ally naturally believes she is to blame and is inconsolable till Bobby tells her to get on with her career and life. However, the movie ends with Ally introducing herself as Ally Maine so that a part of Jack perhaps lives on in her career as well. It is a roller coaster of emotions, and we don’t want to keep you waiting, so we will get right onto where you can watch ‘A Star is Born’.

Is A Star is Born on Netflix?

Netflix is one of the premium content providers in today’s day and age, and one would expect them to have ‘A Star is Born’ in their library. Well, the platform has not disappointed us, but unfortunately, it is not the 2018 version. Instead, it is one of the more popular, earlier renditions, that is, the 1976 one. In this version of ‘A Star is Born’, a young singer played by Barbra Streisand meets and falls in love with a rock and roll star, played by Kris Kristofferson, while his career is on the decline. Since it is a retelling of the same tale, this is the perfect substitute for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s version.

Is A Star is Born on Hulu?

Hulu has a fast-growing library of content, but unfortunately, ‘A Star is Born’ is not a part of it yet. However, this is no cause for concern, as the streaming platform does provide the option of adding the HBO pack to any Hulu subscription plan that you are on, for $14.99 per month. This will not only let you stream ‘A Star is Born’, but all other HBO content. You can watch it on Hulu, here.

Is A Star is Born on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has one of the most enviable content libraries out there, right next to Netflix. Thus, it would be logical to assume that the streaming platform might have ‘A Star is Born’. However, it seems that in this case, the assumption would be wrong. Don’t let that get you down though. You can still buy ‘A Star is Born’ on Amazon Prime and watch it there, or you could subscribe to an HBO pack and stream all HBO content on your Prime platform. Confused as to what to do? The movie costs $9.99 while the entire pack costs $14.99 per month. Thus, unless you are in the mood to stream other HBO content apart from ‘A Star is Born’, we recommend you buy the movie separately. You can watch ‘A Star is Born’ on Amazon Prime, here.

Where Can I Stream A Star is Born Online?

I know what you’re thinking about right now, that what happens if you don’t have a subscription to the above mentioned platforms? Well, nothing much really. You can still watch ‘A Star is Born’. Since HBO already has it, your best options would be to head to HBO Go or HBO Now. Don’t have an HBO subscription, and don’t want to get one? We’ve got the solution. Head over to Vudu, YouTube or FandangoNow, where you can purchase and stream the movie. Vudu is offering it at $9.99 while both YouTube and FandangoNow have ‘A Star is Born’ priced at $19.99, so it really is a no brainer — save ten dollars and head to Vudu!

Can I Watch A Star is Born Online For Free?

You did not think we would forget about you freeloaders, right? Although ‘A Star is Born’ has been one of the most acclaimed movies of 2018, we understand if you are still hesitant to shell out money, considering there have been so many renditions of it already. Well, we do have a solution for you. If you head to Amazon Prime, you can start a free one-week trial for HBO. Since ‘A Star is Born’ is just one movie, this gives you ample time to watch it for free. However, we would like to urge our readers to pay for the art they consume considering the amount of effort it goes into making a movie.

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