A Teacher Finale: What to Expect?

For a show that deals with the rather taboo topic of predatory relationships, ‘A Teacher’ is a poignant and educational series in its own right. It is created by Hannah Fidell, and the story is based on her film of the same name. Kate Mara and Nick Robinson are a teacher-student duo that indulges in a sexual relationship. Their affair and its aftermath have been explored thoroughly, so what can we expect from the finale?

A Teacher Episode 10 Release Date

‘A Teacher’ finale will release on December 29, 2020, at 12 am ET on Hulu. Since this is expected to be the last episode, you can finally binge-watch the series if you’ve yet to catch up with the story. 

Where to Watch A Teacher Episode 10 Online?

Presently, you can watch this FX production on Hulu. If you have signed up for the streaming platform already, then you can see the show on Hulu’s official website. But if you’re unsure about subscribing to yet another streaming site, then you can also check out Hulu’s 30-day free trial. 

A Teacher Episode 10 Spoilers 

By episode 9, the protagonists have gone through a plethora of emotions. In fact, they’ve basically hit rock bottom and are struggling to accept their realities. However, the good thing about such situations is that there is nowhere left to go but up. It will take some time, but Claire and Eric may just start healing from the entire ordeal. It is also possible that in the finale, they will sit down and talk to each other about their past and how it affected their present. Apart from this, we can expect to learn more about what they’re planning to do in the future. It seems as though Eric will be able to return to his studies with a more focused mindset this time around. 

A Teacher Episode 9 Recap

Claire goes on a Tinder date and heads home with the guy as well. She tells him about her ankle monitor and the two proceed to have sex, during which he dirty talks about her past. Eric’s roommate takes him out to dinner to get the protagonist out of his funk. It turns out that Eric is on academic probation and is at the risk of losing his scholarship. Claire has started working for her father, Wyatt, and when he tries to make small talk at work, she shoots him down. However, a colleague tells her that Wyatt is the reason that he is sober today.

Then, Claire goes to meet Matt, and they sign their divorce papers. He tells her that he is really mad at her and doesn’t know how he could have ever loved her. She apologizes for everything but he asks her to leave. Eric goes to the bar and eventually, he hangs out with a bride to be and her friends. Claire goes back to the Tinder date’s house and wants him to slap her during sex. But after her lip starts bleeding and she still wants him to continue, he backs out himself. 

In the end, it turns out that the group of girls has left their friend, Chloe, behind. Eric feels bad and asks her to dance with her. She starts crying and states that she won’t hook up with him since she has gotten out of a long term relationship recently and Eric is too young anyway. She then proceeds to talk about her ex. Claire comes home and her dad wants to talk to her about everything but she just screams at him. After all, she was quite traumatized as he was an alcoholic when she was growing up. 

Claire says that she only wanted to help other children who are in the same precarious position as she once was, but that she screwed it all up and she just “wants to be gone.” However, Wyatt gives her some much-needed words of encouragement. Eric, too, moves back home and tells his mom that he needs help. (Keep in mind that they haven’t confirmed yet if he’s left the college officially). 

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