Aaron Kaufman Net Worth

How much is Aaron Kaufman worth? $6 Million

How did Aaron Kaufman earn his money and wealth? 

Aaron Kaufman’s road to success is similar to any other rags to riches stories. The Gas Monkeys Star was born on January 26, 1982, in the United States of America. Aaron Kaufman is an actor, mechanic, fabricator and a reality star. As of 2018, Aaron Kaufman’s net worth is $6 million. Born talented, he is fond of cars. His immense interest in cars led him to be a mechanic. He was cast in the popular car series, Fast n Loud, aired on Discovery channel. He also became a celebrity mechanic who works with classic cars to modify or restore them.

Aaron Kaufman is the current record holder of the Cannonball Run, after which the number of fans and followers shot up exponentially. Richard Rawlings offered to bring onboard Aaron Kauffman and the duo have been featured together ever since. He has maintained his star mechanic status over the years, along with this long, famous beard. The latest reports suggest that the Gas Monkey Garage mechanics Duo Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings are going their separate ways. They were well known for accomplishing great feats in minimal time. They worked perfectly as a team.

How did the duo even get together? Aaron Kaufman was working in his small garage when Richard Rawlings came there to meet a professional mechanic to rectify his 1953 Mainline. Aaron Kaufman represented the best and most talented mechanic in the country. A couple of years later, Richard Rawlings opened his own customized garage and invited his mechanic turned pal over to work with him as a team. They mastered and presented daring feats with the revving beasts, together.

However, finally, the duo decided to part ways, actively decided by Aaron Kaufman himself. Aaron seems to have set his eyes on a solo career, the reason why he quit the Gas Monkey and a Discover Channel Reality Show. Unpredicted, he posted on his Instagram wall, that he is leaving for good. This was on the same day that the show was being reviewed. It was a little awkward for the producers and viewers. Aaron Kaufman realized that the number of viewers for the Gas Monkey show had steadily but noticeably reduced over time. This was also one of the most important reasons why he decided to quit the show, the Gas Monkey and even part ways with his longtime friends, Richard Kaufman.

There are rumors that Aaron Kaufman is planning well to start a brand new show, all by himself. There are other counter rumors that he will join other mechanics on popular shows.

What are the highest grossing movies of Aaron Kaufman?

  1. Gas Monkey Garage(2012)
  2. Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman(2018)
  3. Fast and Loud(2018)

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