Accidentally in Love Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & News

While the South-East Asian TV series industry has always been a prolific production unit collectively, the almost sudden upsurge in the popularity of K-drama in the recent years is what waylaid the newfound recognition that it is receiving – including work from countries like Taiwan and now C-drama (i.e. Chinese drama). They are not far apart from each other in sensibility, and the stylistic predilections that they share as a common ground enable to be referred interchangeably, or as a general ‘Asian drama’ term. This means that even though K-pop and K-drama on the forefront is the face of its recognition, the whole Asian TV sphere is relatively low-hanging fruit for online streaming services and global networks looking to expand their reach and libraries. Of course, Netflix is no exception to this trend as one of the largest and most popular movies and TV series streaming platforms – and it has been trying to settle down with a stronger international presence on the one hand, and on the other, the sudden global interest spike on K-pop presents an opportune moment to bring shows from other SEA countries into the limelight.

By bringing on shows from China, SK, Japan, and recently also the Philippines and Vietnam (among others), Netflix hits two birds with one stone: they expand their library, naturally, and also draw the attention of viewers who find the general SEA series vibes and stylistic quirks appealing. Accidentally in Love is possibly one of the best examples of what a regular Asian romcom means to the western audience, and it absolutely nails the execution of the good old prototype. The Chinese show is much larger than what one would expect of a regular Netflix show – it spans thirty episodes (which is actually the usual length for a Chinese dramedy), and because it accomplishes its core task as a show so well, it can easily be extended with another season just as large irrespective of whether one could think of enough plot material to keep it evenly concentrated.

Accidentally in Love Cast: Who’s in it?

For all its hum-drum hype that was generated within a matter of five episodes, and how popular the show has come to be over the months, Accidentally in Love has some humble beginnings in terms of its cast. A viewer not accustomed with the Chinese drama scene would certainly not know the names of even the bigger stars, but in this particular show, the leading cast consists of practical newcomers – and we cannot stress enough that their lack in experience does not translate to incompetence. As a textbook, romantic flick, Accidentally in Love casts its two star-crossed lovers front and centre: Chen You You (among other aliases) is played by Yi Ning Sun, next to the hero referred to as ‘Your Highness’, played by Junchen Guo. Guo has been into mainstream dramedies as an actor for nearly four years now, with titles such as ‘Whirlwind Girl 2’ under his belt, but the same cannot be said for Yi Ning-San. The actress makes her debut (and her international debut after the Netflix release) in the show – and already her talent and her homely charm have earned her fans by the thousands. The young actor and actress have done very well to carry the show virtually all on their own, and it is a no-brainer that Guo and Ning-san will again play hero and heroine if the show ever resurfaces with a second season.

Accidentally in Love Plot: What is it about?

Far as stories go, Accidentally in Love does not present anything too ambitious – it does not rely on novelty or gimmick to make their show popular, but they instead focus on retelling a very familiar story with an eye for character depth and take a wholesome vibe as the ultimatum. The plot premise is as follows: ‘Your Highness’, a famous young pop star who is sent to school, crosses path with the heroine, who is secretly the heir to a wealthy family who ran away to avert the demands that such a title puts on her.

Accidentally in Love Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Season 1 premiered on August 8, 2018. As what would apparently become a follow-up season was revealed to be sister show this January, we effectively have no working confirmation of an actual season 2 yet. The returning cast will be busy filming for To Get Her for most of the early quarter of 2019, and so it is very likely that production is not going to start for another season in any capacity any time soon. The show has unfortunately not been renewed as of yet, and we are still waiting for a confirmation. If it does get renewed, the release date of the show could fall sometime in 2020.

Accidentally in Love Season 2 Trailer

On top of no confirmation so far, this also leaves us with no teasers, trailers, or other promo materials to point us towards the direction a second season might shape up to take. So what remains for the fans of the show is to wait for official announcements regarding the future of the show, keep their fingers crossed, and meanwhile stream the OG season on Netflix. The quashed contention for a prospective new season to drop soon also means that this is a great time to get up to speed and dig into the show if you were planning to watch it. If you want to get a sneak peek into it beforehand, you can watch the official trailer for the debut season here.

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