Adam Laroche Net Worth

How much is Adam Laroche worth? $35 Million

How did Adam Laroche earn his money and wealth?

David Adam LaRoche is a 1979 born former professional player for first base in the game of baseball. He has played a total of 12 seasons for the MLB (Major League Baseball). As of now, he has played for teams such as Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals, Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks. His father was a pitcher named Dave LaRoche and his brother Andy LaRoche is a third baseman.

LaRoche graduated from Fort Scott High School in the year 1998. It was here that he started playing baseball. In the senior year, he was named as the All-American in the field of baseball. Dave Regan, the head coach at high school was his uncle. He also played in the Fort Scott Community College in the year 1999 after which he was transferred to Seminole based Community College in Oklahoma. Here he was the MVP for the Junior College World Series as well as All-American.

In the year 2000, he was drafted for the team Atlanta Braves as a member. In the year 2004, LaRoche was the first baseman for the Braves team where he landed with a .278 average batting being a rookie player. LaRoche had strong skills for defense but lacked the speed to run between the bases. In the year 2007, LaRoche was traded along with Jamie Romak to Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for Brent Lillibridge and Mike Gonzalez. In the 2009 season, LaRoche played along with Andy LaRoche, his brother for the Pirates but he was again traded to team Boston Red Sox.

During his tenure with team Red Sox, he made an average point of .263. He hit a home run along with three RBIs during the tenure of six games. During this time, he lived along with J.D. Drew who was his teammate. In the year 2009, LaRoche was traded back to his very first team Atlanta Braves in exchange for Casey Kotchman. The team Red Sox believed that Kotchman can prove to be a better player in comparison with LaRoche.

LaRoche went on to sign a 1-year contract with Arizona Diamondbacks which was worth $4.5 million. The deal also included $1.5 Million of the buyout as well as the mutual option of $7.5 Million. During his tenure, LaRoche made .261 points along with 100 RBI and 25 home runs for a total of 151 games. In 2011, he signed a contract with Washington Nationals for 2-years.The Chicago White Sox signed LaRoche in 2014 for a term of 2 years. LaRoche took retirement from the game in the year 2016.

What are the highest grossing income of Adam Laroche?

1-Salary (2015): $12,000,000
2-Salary (2014): $12,000,000
3-Salary (2013): $10,000,000
4-Salary (2012): $8,000,000
5-Salary (2009): $7,050,000

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