Addicted to Marriage Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

TLC’s ‘Addicted to Marriage’ serves as one of the network’s most interesting reality shows in its vast line-up. It revolves around four women who love the act of getting married. However, each one of them has been married before, which may not sit well with their current partners. The series dives into their relationships, which consequently might not last because of the complicated past of these women.

After the first season premiered, fans loved following these compelling stories. Like other TLC shows, this one has garnered a dedicated fanbase. And since you are eager to know what the future holds for the show, we’d like to tell you everything we have found out about the potential second season!

Addicted to Marriage Season 2 Release Date

‘Addicted to Marriage’ season 1 released on November 16, 2021, on TLC and ended its six episodes long run on December 21, 2021. Every episode has a runtime of around 42 minutes.

If you’re wondering whether the second season will be out anytime soon, here’s what we know. TLC has not yet released any updates about its renewal. However, the show is said to have garnered a lot of success in terms of viewership and fan base. So, another season could be on the cards. Let’s consider the possibility of the show’s return. The home network TLC is known for housing such unusually themed series where reality is a bit different than what we are usually accustomed to. Some of them that have survived for multiple seasons include the ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ franchise, ‘Return to Amish,’ ‘Extreme Cheapskates,’ ‘Sister Wives,’ and many more.

These unscripted shows have attracted a significant fan following and appraisal. Rather than viewing the series from a critical perspective, viewers receive a lot of joy in just watching the narrative as the unconventional reality of the cast members unfurl. Therefore, we think an announcement confirming another season of ‘Addicted to Marriage’ might be coming in the future. If the show is greenlit for another round soon, we expect ‘Addicted to Marriage’ season 2 to release sometime in Q4 2022. 

Addicted to Marriage Season 2 Cast

The leading ladies of season 1 of ‘Addicted to Marriage’ are Monette, Shae, Amy, and Kecia. If the show is renewed, we can expect to see almost all of them in the new edition. Apart from them, the boyfriends or partners of these four interesting ladies might show up as well. In season 1, we saw Monette’s boyfriend John, as well as Shae’s significant other, Joe. We also came across Kecia’s fiancé Ernst, and Amy’s boyfriend, Gino. In case any of these couples break up, we might see some changes in the cast lineup.

What can Addicted to Marriage Season 2 be About?

‘Addicted to Marriage’ essays the accounts of four women who have a fondness for getting married. The first season introduced Monette, Shae, Amy, and Kecia, who were still figuring out their calling with regard to their love life. Monette had been married 11 times which raised some concerns from her family. But her boyfriend John was committed to making their relationship work.

Meanwhile, Shae was looking forward to her third marriage, but her boyfriend Joe did not propose to her. So, this chapter might continue in season 2, provided the series returns with a new installment. Kecia and her fiancé Ernst’s story might also be recounted, while Amy might have to persevere to earn Gino’s trust. The potential second season might focus on the next part of these complicated journeys as the women struggle to figure out what they want.

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