Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode 2: Everything We Know

Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode 2

‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ is an animated web television specials that centers upon Finn Mertens and his shapeshifting dog Jake, as they embark upon magical and strange adventures around the Land of Ooo. It also puts the focus on their interactions with Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen, and BMO, along the way. It is a continuation of Pendleton Ward’s hit series ‘Adventure Time,’ which aired from 2010 to 2018 on Cartoon Network.

The first special dropped on June 25, 2020. It showcases the breakout adventure of BMO, as he (according to voice actor Niki Yang) travels through space to solve a space emergency that can only be solved by the beloved little robot. We have added a recap at the end, in case you wish to jog your memories. If you’re updated and are wondering about what goes down in ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ episode 2? Well, we have got your back.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode 2 Release Date

As of now, the network hasn’t revealed the exact release date of the second episode. However, it has been confirmed that ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ episode 2 is expected to release sometime in 2020, on HBO Max.

The upcoming episode is titled ‘Obsidian.’ The second episode will focus on the adventures of the music-loving 1,000-year-old vampire queen, Marceline, and the human-candy hybrid, Princess Bubblegum. We can expect Marceline and Princess Bubblegum to band together and set out for the Glass Kingdom, and delve into their difficult past to save the earth from a devastating catastrophe.

Where to Watch Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode 2 Online?

You can stream ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ episode 2 on HBO Max. You can also watch the episode on the HBO Max app.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode 1 Recap:

‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ episode 1 is titled ‘BMO.’ In the BMO-centric episode, the computer-like robot travels across outer space to solve a mission. It feels refreshing to see BMO in his element, wearing a cowboy hat and singing happy songs until he stumbles upon a droid, whom he names Olive. The eyeball-esque droid transports the ship to The Drift, a space settlement that is in dire need of help. On being attacked by the locals BMO is saved by a rabbit girl named Y5. Although her initial motive is to sell BMO’s parts for a good sum and impress her parents, Y5 develops a liking for the robot and sets out to help him.

The people of The Drift hail praises for BMO after he saves them from getting sucked out of space. The Drift leader Hugo seeks BMO’s help in finding the Genesis Crystal, which can help to power the unity power, which Hugo plans on using to get the other locals out of The Drift. However, Hugo’s assistant Mr. M flips and leaves BMO to die, but he is saved by Y5 and another robot, CGO, who reveals Hugo’s self-centric and insidious agenda to Y5 and BMO.

They unmask Hugo in front of the locals but before they could get hold of him, Hugo escapes out into space. Y5’s parents are proud of her for finding out a way for life to exist on The Drift. BMO makes a crash landing on earth, and where he spots baby Finn and Jake playing outside the house. Yes, it is a prequel to ‘Adventure Time.’

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