When Will Agatha Raisin Season 3 Return on Acorn?

‘Agatha Raisin’, based on the eponymous fictional character featured in the humorous mystery novels by Marion Chesney (under the pseudonym MC Beaton), is a British comedy-drama cum crime thriller that originally premiered in the UK on Sky One. It was released as an eight-part season 1 in 2016, following the debut of its pilot in 2014.

The second season was then ordered by Acorn TV. Soon after the finale of the second installment, it was renewed for yet another season, which premiered in October 2019. After that, the show went on a hiatus. Now, you must be wondering when is ‘Agatha Raisin’ season 3 coming back? Here’s everything we know.

Agatha Raisin Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Agatha Raisin’ season 2 premiered on November 19, 2018, on Acorn TV  After spanning for three episodes, it concluded on January 28, 2019.

As opposed to its first season, which comprises eight, 45-minute episodes, the second installment consists of three, 90-minute episodes. On February 27, 2019, the series was again commissioned for a third season.

Star Ashley Jensen expressed her excitement for the third season saying, “I am beyond excited to be returning to my high heels with another series of Agatha Raisin with Acorn TV. I can’t wait to get started on her next fun and frolicsome journey.” Catherine Mackin, Managing Director of Acorn Media Enterprises, added: “After a groundbreaking year with commissioning the second series of Agatha Raisin as well as London Kills and Queens of Mystery, my colleagues at Acorn TV are thrilled by the continued popularity of Agatha Raisin so it was an easy decision to renew it for a third season with even more episodes.”

‘Agatha Raisin’ season 3 already premiered on October 28, 2019, on Acorn with the first episode. ‘Agatha Raisin’ Season 3 Episode 2 will release on February 10, 2020. It will then follow a weekly schedule, wrapping up with its fourth episode on February 24, 2020.

Agatha Raisin Cast: Who is in it?

Emmy-nominee Ashley Jensen leads the cast in the titular role of Agatha Raisin. The Scottish actress and narrator is best known for her role in ‘Extras’, ‘Ugly Betty’, and ‘Accidentally on Purpose’. Mathew Horne (‘Gavin & Stacey’, ‘The Catherine Tate Show’, ’20 Things to do Before You’re 30′, and ‘Bad Education’) stars as Roy Silver. Katy Wix from ‘Outnumbered, Miranda’ fame portrays Gemma Simpson.

Matt McCooey enacts the character of DC Bill Wong. Jamie Glover (‘Doctor Who‘) plays James Lacey, Lucy Liemann (‘The Bourne Ultimatum‘) is Sarah Bloxby, Jason Barnett stars as DCI Denzel Wilkes, Jason Merrells (‘Emmerdale’) is Sir Charles Fraith, and Rhashan Stone (‘101 Dalmatian Street) is Jez.

All the main cast members return to reprise their roles for season 3.

Agatha Raisin Plot: What is it about?

‘Agatha Raisin’ follows Agatha, a public relations professional, who transforms into an amateur sleuth after she resigns from her job in London and takes up residence in the sleepy, quaint village of Carsley. However, she unwittingly becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. In order to prove her innocence, Agatha decides to take matters into her own hands and solve the mystery of the quiche of death. Thus begins a life packed with mischief, mayhem, and homicides that completely disrupts her plans of quiet, early retirement. Each of the cases solved by Agatha is peculiar and strange — and weirder still are the unorthodox and amusing methods employed by the inexperienced sleuth to crack them.

Season 2 of ‘Agatha Raisin’ comprises three episodes, each spanning 90 minutes in length, that narrates one of MC Beaton’s bestselling novels. An interesting case is about Agatha’s new stylist aka hair wizard, who is discovered dead. Agatha needs to solve the mystery by unraveling some of the most obscure clues.

In ‘The Fairies of Fryfam’, our detective wishes to go away on a relaxing holiday and books a cottage in Fryfam — a mythical abode believed to be a home for fairies. Soon after Agatha reaches the village, a woman approaches her and seeks her help in exposing her cheating husband. But things get complicated when the accused man is found dead. In another incident, we witness the cold-blooded murder of a handsome and popular new curate. Agatha’s friend, Sarah is arrested as the murderer and the former has to do everything to clear the latter’s name.

Season 3, just like its predecessors, narrates more adventures and crazy mysteries, with Agatha as the protagonist. However, this time, it adopts four of MC Beaton’s novels — namely, Agatha Raisin & the Haunted House, Agatha Raisin & the Deadly Dance, Agatha Raisin & the Love from Hell, and Agatha Raisin & the Pig That Turned.

At the beginning of the fourth season, Agatha teams up with James Lacey and opens her own detective agency. Thus, she embarks on a new path in her journey. Her first mystery starts by investigating a haunted house that is soon revealed to be the site of a gruesome murder.

‘Agatha Raisin’ is an engaging, humor-packed thriller drama that features one of the most fashionable and entertaining females as an amateur detective.

Agatha Raisin Trailer:

You can check out the official trailer of ‘Agatha Raisin’ season 3 episode 1, titled, ‘Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House’ below. Also, you can head to their official site if you wish to catch up on all the previous episodes from the series.

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