Ahiru no Sora E41: All the Details You Need to Know

The sport of basketball in itself packs enough action and drama to fascinate almost anyone. But when this on-court action is blended with some off-court high school drama, the result turns out to be something far more exciting. ‘Ahiru no Sora’ does exactly that and walks you through the ups and downs, highs and lows of a struggling underdog team. With that said, if you have been following its first season all this while, here’s everything you need to know about its next episode.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 41 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Ahiru no Sora’ premiered on October 2, 2019, and has a total of 50 episodes in its first season. ‘Ahiru no Sora’ Episode 41 is scheduled to release on July 29, 2020.

Where to Watch Ahiru no Sora Episode 41 English Dub Online?

You can stream ‘Ahiru no Sora’ on Crunchyroll and HiDive with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Ahiru no Sora Spoilers

‘Ahiru no Sora’ centers around a young titular character, Sora. Despite being pretty short for his age, Sora consistently proves that he’s a talented basketball player. His middle school wins set him on the right path to playing in high school as well. With big dreams and hopes, he joins Kuzu High but is left disappointed when he discovers that the school does have a formal team. Adding to this, the school’s basketball court is also dominated by a group delinquent, who doesn’t let anyone else play. But determined more than ever to play for his school, Sora decides to team up with a big guy named Chiaki and arrives at the court to challenge the delinquents.

He tells them that if they’ll be able to defeat him at a game of basketball, he’ll happily leave them alone and let them do what they want to do. But if he manages to win against them, they’ll have to comply with his demands and play basketball under him. The boys judge Sora based on his petite demeanor and proudly accept his challenge. But as soon as the match begins, they realize that they’ve made a huge mistake. Sora overpowers them in the game despite his height and ultimately lands an easy win. As a result of his win, the boys of Kuzu High are forced to keep their promise and play for Sora. They do initially regret taking this decision, but with time, Sora’s spirit brushes off on them and makes them champions. From being underdogs, the boys of Kuzu High slowly make their way to the top.

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