Alaskan Bush People Net Worth

How much are Alaskan Bush People worth$60 million.

How did Alaskan Bush People earn their money and wealth?

Alaskan Bush People is one of America’s most famous reality television show. After first airing on Discovery channel on May 6, 2014, the show has till date released seven seasons. The show follows the life of the Brown family, as they travel all over Alaska to survive. Billy, along with his wife and seven children live the life of tribal’s in this modern day and age.

The show features Billy, his wife Ami. They have two daughters, Birdy and Rain brown and five sons, Matt, Bam, Bear, Gabe, and Noah Brown.

This family started living out in the wilderness after their house was burned down by the authorities because they were living on public land and since then they move from place to place to survive. The family has shown great strength by staying together in the face of adversity and proved an inspiration for a lot of struggling families.

The family lives in some places that are very far removed from any civilization, which has led them to develop their own language and dialect. They are shown to be so poor that they have to use barter to survive, which had many fans even try to send them money to help. Ami Brown was diagnosed with lung cancer. This has made the family move to Southern California to get her proper treatment.

There also have been many controversies surrounding the family. In 2015, Billy and Joshua were found guilty of lying on their PDF forms. Also with net worth coming out, many fans are questioning why they are living this lifestyle when they have so much money and why do they need to earn money for Amy’s treatment. There are still rumors about the happening of another season but no official statement has been made yet.

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