Alien News Desk Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, News

The legitimacy of mainstream journalism in our times has long surpassed the realm of ‘food for thought’ to the realm of running jokes itself. If you have so much as grazed the Twiteratti even briefly within the past couple years, it is almost guaranteed that you have come across ‘fake news’ thrown around as a buzz word. The original context it derives from notwithstanding, (lest this article becomes too specific and political) the problem that all forms of journalistic media gains the power to spin the web of half-truths and even artifice if they so wish is an issue in almost every country today.

‘Alien News Desk’, even though it sells itself as a lighthearted detour from sincere journalism – ‘silly’ to put it in Monty Python-speak – becomes a parody of this very aspect of modern TV media. The fact that it so conveniently places itself under the category of ‘adult animation show’ only heightens this strength. Admittedly, Austin Reading and Chris Prynoski’s work under the supervision of Lorne Michael himself does not match up to the legendary incisive satire of South Park or the early Simpsons seasons, yet it is still probably one of the biggest and brightest ‘silly’ shows of the year – one that knocks its implicit satire out of the ballpark. That said, the show is not a work of original innovation, but rather the extension of an idea with a strong Saturday Night Live pedigree. The format of the show was first a running sketch on Saturday Night Live (this is also not even remotely the first time that a full-fledged show has developed out of placeholder SNL tryouts), which Syfy deemed would feel at home given their show-reel agenda. The show itself has a number of SNL execs working behind the camera, including Lorne Michael, and producer Erik Kenward.

Alien News Desk Cast: Who’s in it?

The show, unsurprisingly, has its cast consist almost exclusively of SNL members both on and off-screen. The two hosts Drexx and Tuva are played by their original voice talents, likewise. Will Forte, the very same mind behind The Last Man on Earth, plays Drexx Drudlarr, while Super Mansion-starrer Heidi Gardner fills in as Tuva van Void.

Alien News Desk Plot: What is it about?

Alien News Desk is pretty straightforward as long as nomenclature is considered – you get exactly what you read. It is a show about two extraterrestrial beings who occupy a late night newsroom and discuss various goings-on about the earth and humankind, the oh-so-interesting species. The alien perspective, while it is the launching pad for any number of joke setups, also acts as the perfect frame to satirize human folly. The show structurally resembles a late night news show as well, and the cusp of its content then relies on how it sets up and executes each joke, each of which is presented in the garb of news clusters. As the critical consensus and fans have agreed, these jokes do land well – making the show an overall powerful package with immense potentials.

Alien News Desk Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Syfy kept it relatively quiet regarding what should be called one of their surprise milestone hits in the adult animation sphere to begin the year, and whatever press it had was through the SNL connection back in November 2018. Alien News Desk first aired on February 27, 2019, as the companion show to Syfy’s recently acquired Futurama on the 11 pm slate. It is scheduled to conclude on April 27, 2019, after which we will find out whether a season 2 for the series is on the cards. If renewed, it will most likely be set a release date in January or February 2019.

Alien News Desk Trailer:

Syfy got speculation and hype about their port of the SNL side-concept back on track when they released a couple of half-a-minute promo videos in the first week of 2019 January, the second of which is the more well known ‘Humans Are Shrinking’. These teasers, however, were laconic and admittedly not meant for viewers comparatively out of the loop. If you have no idea what the show is about, and you want a small video summary, the more fitting candidate would be Syfy’s longer official trailer, which gets directly to the point by introducing what the show is about, that it is not meant to be an actual news show but a parody thereof, and then directly showcases the kind of humour that predominantly becomes the building blocks for the content of Alien News Desk. You can check out the trailer below.

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