Where to Stream All American?

Rags to riches stories never get old as they often tend to be laced with societal criticism. Moreover, the template can be easily tailored to various genres to present compelling tales. The CW’s ‘All American‘ is a TV show that uses this rags-to-riches mold to tell a teenage high-school story that is not limited to love triangles and gossip.

‘All American’ also takes a look at the topic of race, displaying just how deeply it has seeped into American society. Unflinchingly, it presents the protagonist’s struggles of fitting into a “better” environment with more opportunities.

What is All American About?

‘All American’ follows the story of Spencer James. An extremely talented football player, James is given the opportunity to transfer to an elitist Beverly Hills school thanks to a scholarship. At first, James is conflicted regarding the decision as he does not wish to leave his old lifestyle.

However, since it is a golden opportunity, James accepts it. However, he starts to find it difficult to fit in and his new school’s football team does not particularly appreciate his arrival.

Is All American on Netflix?

Netflix is associated with online streaming, the same way Google is with web search. The fact that the streaming service has arguably the best repository of original productions as well as those from other sources makes the preceding fact less surprising. Netflix fans have another reason to rejoice since they can stream ‘All American’ on the streaming platform. A new season is uploaded on Netflix roughly a week after it has finished airing completely on television.

Is All American on Hulu?

Hulu has managed to stand out as a leading streaming platform despite fierce competition thanks to some successful originals and the hosting of several other popular productions. Unfortunately, Hulu subscribers cannot stream ‘All American’ on the platform. Instead, fans may want to check out East Los High that revolves around a bunch of Latino teens from East Los Angeles. However, a Hulu With Live TV subscription will give you access to the latest season of ‘All American.’

Is All American on Amazon Prime?

Along with Hulu and Netflix, Amazon Prime has become a part of the uncrowned “Big Three” of streaming services. Amazon’s streaming service also hosts several compelling originals along with a vast repository of movies and television series from other sources. Unfortunately, ‘All American’ cannot be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. However, specific episodes can be bought for $2.99 apiece here. 

Where Can I Stream All American Online?

Other than Netflix and Hulu With Live TV, you can stream ‘All American’ on The CW App or official website. Moreover, the show can also be streamed on Direct TV which offers The CW as a part of its TV channel bundles.

Where Can I Stream All American For Free?

We urge our readers to pay for all the art they consume. However, if you are still looking for a way to watch ‘All American’ for free, there is some great news. Using The CW App or website, one can watch the five latest episodes of ‘All American’ for free. Other than that, you can also make use of Netflix’s 30-day free trial if you haven’t done so already.

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