All American Season 3 Episode 14: What to Expect?

In ‘All American’ season 3 episode 13, Billy conducts a scrimmage game for his students to get some exposure. But they need to get past Montes, who doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Spencer organizes a graduation party for his mother. For that, he seeks help from Olivia, who could really use some distraction. If you’re not updated with the latest developments in the show, check out the recap to find out. If you’re anticipating the next episode, let us dive into all the information we have about ‘All American’ season 3 episode 14!

All American Season 3 Episode 14 Release Date

‘All American’ season 3 episode 14 will air on June 14, 2021, at 8 pm ET on The CW. Every episode of the series is around 30-40 minutes long.

Where to Watch All American Season 3 Episode 14?

You can catch the upcoming ‘All American’ season 3 episode 14 as and when it airs on The CW at the aforementioned timeslot. If you have pulled the plug on cable, you could watch the episode online on The CW’s official website or The CW app one day after its television premiere. You can also stream the show on a few Live TV and VOD platforms such as XfinityHulu LiveTVDirecTVFubo TVYouTube TViTunesVuduSpectrumGoogle PlayYouTubeMicrosoft Store, and Amazon Prime Video. If you’re a Netflix user, you can access the previous seasons here.

All American Season 3 Episode 14 Spoilers

The upcoming episode of ‘All American’ season 3 is titled ‘Ready or Not.’ The spotlight is on Spencer and Asher, who will face a pivotal point in their football career. If they don’t perform well in the play-off awaiting them in the next installment, it might mean the end of football at Crenshaw. Elsewhere, Olivia will attempt to navigate the messy situation she is in because of the footage that she leaked. Here’s a promo for the next episode!

All American Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

In the previous episode of ‘All American’ season 3, titled ‘Bring the Noise,’ Billy hosts a scrimmage for the players to attract scouts. Even after Montes refuses to grant permission, Billy secretly goes along with it. Grace skips her college graduation, and Spencer teams up with Olivia to organize a surprise graduation party for his mother. Meanwhile, Tamika’s case is put to rest after the cops guilty of murdering her get fired. Elsewhere, Preach has started a Coop-themed merchandize venture, but Layla is concerned about his lack of experience. Spencer’s speech and Olivia’s actions behind the body-cam footage get broadcasted.

The venue for the graduation party is the cafe that Spencer works in, but someone breaks a window while supporting “Justice for Tamika.” This is a direct consequence of Olivia’s video-leaking blunder. Laura has no idea about her daughter’s situation. Grace implores Carter to leave their past behind for the sake of the kids. Carter then lets the team use the field. Meanwhile, Vanessa motivates Asher to keep his mind focused on football. After a lengthy argument with Layla, Coop finally makes Preach his manager. In the end, Olivia is pulled over by a cop, but as soon he sees Laura, he leaves.

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