All American Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

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Prom night ends up being an unpleasant experience for Spencer in the seventh episode of ‘All American‘ season 4. He realizes that his teammates have pulled off something unforgivable. To aid the situation, he takes responsibility for their actions. Olivia is unable to handle her sponsee Jenn, who refuses to invest in her recovery. The rest of the episode is outlined in the recap if you’re curious to know more. In case you are wondering what episode 8 of the fourth season has in store, we have your back!

All American Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date

The show has entered its mid-season break after the seventh episode aired. Having said that, ‘All American’ season 4 episode 8 will premiere on February 21, 2022, at 8 pm ET on The CW. The network airs new episodes with a runtime of 42-50 minutes each every Monday.

Where to Watch All American Season 4 Episode 8 Online?

To watch ‘All American’ season 4 episode 8, you can tune in to The CW on your television screens at the date and time specified above. Alternatively, you can catch the episode on The CW’s official website or The CW app. Folks without a cable subscription can stream the upcoming episode on live TV streaming services such as Fubo TVYouTube TVXfinityHulu+Live TV, and DirecTV.

Episode 8 will also become available to buy or rent on VOD platforms like iTunesVuduGoogle PlayMicrosoft StoreSpectrum, and Amazon Prime Video. The show’s fourth edition will land in its entirety on Netflix at a later date. In the meantime, subscribers of the service can rewatch previous seasons here.

All American Season 4 Episode 8 Spoilers

Spencer’s football career now hangs by a thread, and we expect to see more of that unfold in the eighth episode of season 4 titled ‘Walk This Way.’ He has taken the entire blame for the trophy mishap that disrupts a pleasant prom evening. Unless Jabari and his accomplices own up to the deed, Spencer might get expelled. It would put an end to his prospective career opportunities. Jenn might begin to understand her role as a sponsee to Olivia. Layla will tread upon a new path careerwise while Coop and Patience might call it quits. If you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to take a look at the promo!

All American Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

In the seventh episode of the season, titled ‘Prom Night,’ Asher and Jordan do not have dates for the prom. Meanwhile, Olivia wants her sponsee, Jenn, to believe in her sobriety. As personal issues take hold, another problem sabotages their much-awaited evening. The fire sprinklers go off at Beverly and floods the gym, which is the venue for prom. Coop bails out on Patience to go help Amina with her party. Jamie, the server, poses as Asher’s prom date just to keep JJ silent.

Spencer persuades Carter and Chris to allow the Beverly seniors to attend South Crenshaw’s prom. Patience and Olivia force Layla to interact with the DJ’s producer, but she turns him down. The producer had seemed to be looking forward to a collaboration. Jenn skips the N.A. meeting, which prompts Olivia to take a step back. Unless Jenn is serious about recovery, Olivia does not want to be her sponsor. Jordan advises Layla to take more risks which gives her the courage to seek out the producer again.

Elsewhere, Jabari steals the state championship trophy from Beverly. Spencer sees the immorality in the deed and suggests returning the trophy as a unit. He further states that Jabari and his friends accidentally set off the alarm while breaking in. As a result, the gym at Beverly gets flooded with water, and their prom had to be canceled. However, Billy and the principals of both the schools begin to suspect Spencer when the trophy reappears, who surprisingly takes the blame for it. On the dance floor, Asher and Jamie share a kiss. Patience tells Coop that Amina referred to her as her best friend. In the end, Billy runs into G.W., who is lying unconscious on the floor.

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