All Creatures Great and Small Season 2: Everything We Know

If you remember the 1975 film ‘All Creatures Great and Small,’ you must be aware of the TV series of the same name that ran from 1978 to 1990. These are adaptations of James Herriot’s (whose real name is James Alfred Wight or Alf Wight) best-selling book series, which has now been re-imagined as a series by writer Ben Vanstone. It revolves around James Herriot and his life in the countryside as a veterinary surgeon in the Yorkshire Dales.

The revival series premiered in September 2020 on Channel 5 in the U.K. and pulled in an impressive number of viewers to the channel. Following the show’s success in the home country, PBS released the series in the U.S. in January 2021. With the kind of response that the show continues to get, fans must be wondering what the future holds for the series. Here is what we know!

All Creatures Great and Small Season 2 Release Date

‘All Creatures Great and Small’ season 1 aired on January 10, 2021, on PBS. Ahead of its U.S. release, the series premiered on September 1, 2020, on Channel 5, in the UK. The first season comprises seven episodes with a running time of approximately one hour each (including a Christmas special episode).

With regards to season 2, we have great news for fans. On November 30, 2020, Channel 5 announced the renewal of season 2, which is scheduled to begin filming in Yorkshire in 2021. Like season 1, the second season will also have six one-hour-long episodes followed by a Christmas special. Within a short period since its release, the show became the highest-rated series on Channel 5 since February 2016.

The team had started working on season 2 before the first season premiered, even though the official announcement came much later. Taking these factors into account, we can expect ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ season 2 to release in late 2021 on Channel 5 in the UK. Following its conclusion in the United Kingdom, it should release in the US sometime in early 2022 on PBS.

Ben Frow of Channel 5 has also teased the possibility of future seasons, even after exhausting the source material. He suggested that the series may go into the 1940s and the 1950s, where the writers of the series start “making it up.”

All Creatures Great and Small Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West) hires James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) as his assistant, and the two eventually form a heartwarming bond. Tristan (Callum Woodhouse) is Siegfried’s mischievous younger brother. The principal cast members playing these characters have been confirmed to return for season 2. Mrs. Hall (Anna Madeley) looks after the Farnon household and is like a mother figure to the three men. Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton) is Herriot’s romantic interest, who is engaged to Hugh Hulton (Matthew Lewis).

Maimie McCoy plays Siegfried’s love interest, Dorothy. We may also get to see these actors again in season 2. Unfortunately, Diana Rigg, who plays Mrs. Pumphrey, passed away in September 2020. However, a “final decision” has not yet been taken regarding whether the producers would like to recast the role or write out the character from the show altogether. We might also be introduced to some new actors in the upcoming season.

All Creatures Great and Small Season 2 Plot: What can it be about?

By the end of season 1, Helen leaves Hugh at the altar, which is also bound to upset the close-knit community. Tristan fails one of his veterinary exams, but he does not know that yet. As for Siegfried’s love life, things seem to be going well between him and Dorothy. Siegfried makes his feelings clear to her after the Christmas Eve Party. Edward, Mrs. Hall’s estranged son, does not end up coming to the party even though he had promised.

In season 2, we may learn more about Mrs. Hall and her past. It is yet to be known whether Helen will pursue a relationship with James. However, fans of the books might know that Helen and James end up getting married, but it may be a long and winding road before they get there. Similarly, there are many ways of messing things up as far as Siegfried and Dorothy are concerned.

We are also likely to know more about Siegfried’s insecurities. A question that arises is whether Tristan will continue his studies as a trainee veterinarian, or will he choose a different path? There is no doubt that the adorable animal characters will continue to be a part of the lives of the human characters. The producers will also have to take a call on the fate of Mrs. Pumphrey’s character since Diana Rigg is no more.

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