When Will For All Mankind Season 2 Premiere on Apple TV+?

‘For All Mankind’ is a science fiction drama that airs on Apple TV+. Created and written by Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedivi, it re-imagines an alternate history, where the Soviet Union successfully executes the first-moon landing, without the Space Race ever coming to an end.

When ‘For All Mankind’ premiered on Apple TV+ in November 2019, it opened to generally favorable reviews. The critical consensus at Rotten Tomatoes is, “Though it shoots for the moon and falls somewhere in orbit, For All Mankind’s impressive vision of history has the potential for real liftoff if it leans into the things that set it apart instead of settling for more of the same.”

Season 1 evidently was pretty well-received by critics and even fans loved it for its ambitious concept. Now the next question is, will there be a ‘For All Mankind’ season 2? Let’s find out.

For All Mankind Cast: Who’s in it?

‘For All Mankind’ features a star-studded cast, led by Joel Kinnaman as Edward Baldwin — an astronaut who aims to repair the damage done by his own words about NASA in a drunken stupor. Michael Dorman stars as Gordo Stevens, another astronaut who is the spouse of a veteran pilot (Tracy Stevens played by Sarah Jones) and NASA recruit.

Wrenn Schmidt portrays Margo Madison, an employee of NASA who is an associate of Wernher von Braun. Shantel VanSanten enacts the character of Karen Baldwin, Edward’s wife. Nate Corddry plays Larry Wilson and Brian Stepanek stars as Shorty Powers. Both Wilson and Powers work for NASA.

Joining the lead cast are a number of actors who play historical figures. We meet Chris Agos as Buzz Aldrin, Matt Battaglia as John Glenn, Chris Bauer as Deke Slayton, Jeff Branson as Neil Armstrong, Dan Donohue as Thomas O. Paine, Colm Feore as Wernher von Braun, Ryan Kennedy as Michael Collins, Eric Ladin as Gene Kranz, Steven Pritchard as Pete Conrad, Rebecca Wisocky as Marge Slayton, and Ben Begley as Charlie Duke.

In season 2, all the main cast members are expected to reprise their original roles.

For All Mankind Plot: What is it about?

According to history, the first manned mission to the moon during the late 1960s was successfully executed by NASA and the US. ‘For All Mankind’ reverses this historical milestone by asking the question, “What if the Space Race had never ended?”

Set in an alternate timeline, ‘For All Mankind’ presents a situation when Alexei Leonov (a woman cosmonaut) from the Soviet Union is named as the first human to land on the moon. When NASA hears the news, they want to enter the game and match pace by concentrating on female astronauts, who would be trained for the next moon landings. As a result, the American government now stresses on workplace diversity and women representation — a fact that had been ignored for all these years.

We meet Edward Baldwin, an astronaut from NASA, who is just about to make his moon landing when the mission is called off by his superiors. Frustrated at being just a few steps toward such a huge achievement, Baldwin blames NASA during a drunken interview with a journalist. As a result, he is demoted.

The focus then shifts to the race between the Soviets and the American government as they try to outshine each other. When Russia sends a woman into the moon, NASA decides to follow suit — resulting in a number of white and black women taking up positions on NASA’s grounds. We meet one woman who struggles with her new career goals while juggling baby duties and speaking up to men who do not give her the credit she deserves. On the other hand, Nixon plans to build a military base on the moon — a step that might culminate in a global military conflict.

Meanwhile, Ed Baldwin, who is sent to the Jamestown base on the moon for almost 200 days now, is having a mental breakdown after his son’s death. He even ends up murdering a Soviet cosmonaut within the American base — another action that would further strain the already tensed relationship between Russia and the US. This could not only end in a war but could also extend all the way, up to the moon. Toward the end, NASA loses its Apollo 24 shuttle, which means that most of the crew inside is dead.

Season 2 is expected to pick up the storyline from here and chronicle an alternate history that involves the deadliest of conflicts and a tragic bloodbath.

For All Mankind Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘For All Mankind’ season 1 premiered on November 1, 2019, releasing three episodes during the launch of Apple TV+. It then aired one episode every week from November 8 onwards and wrapped up with its 10th episode on December 20, 2019.

Now as far as a second season goes, Apple TV+ had already renewed the show in October 2019, before the debut of the first season. In fact, hints about another installment had dropped right after Apple’s announcement for season 1. And the network confirmed the news via a Tweet on November 13, 2019, which says: “It’s official, ‘For All Mankind’ has been renewed for a second season.”

Hence, if things move according to plan, ‘For All Mankind’ season 2 will most likely premiere sometime in November 2020.

For All Mankind Trailer

You can watch the official first-look trailer for season 1 below:

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