Will There be an ‘All the Bright Places’ Sequel?

Despite being a common problem, mental health issues don’t receive as much attention as they should. There is still a stigma in the society about the people who suffer from mental illnesses which is what prevents them from discussing it or coming out about their problems. The situation is even worse when it comes to teenagers. Already going through a tumultuous time in their lives, a mental illness only makes matters worse. If they don’t have someone they can trust or turn towards for guidance, it only gets worse.

Stories like ‘All the Bright Places’ try to bring this crisis to light. The Netflix film follows the story of Violet and Finch who find themselves in a situation where they can’t talk about their grievances with anyone. Luckily, they find each other and it gets better. In the end, however, we discover that Finch had been keeping his turmoil to himself, and it doesn’t end well for him.

The film ends on a grim note, though asking us to be more hopeful of the world. What dark endings generally do is make the audience hopeful for the continuation of the story where everything ends well. We hope the same for Violet, but does this mean that ‘All the Bright Places’ will have a sequel? Let’s find out.

Will there be an ‘All the Bright Places’ sequel?

All the Bright Places’ released on Netflix on February 28, 2020. The film received favourable reviews. (You can read our review of the movie here.) The praise was particularly directed towards the cast, but some concerns were expressed about the film not being able to focus on the real issues of the story with the same veracity as the book did. The decision to greenlight a sequel, however, depends on what response the film gets from the viewers. Due to the immense popularity of the book, there is an already established viewer-base for the film. Netflix’s YA movies are known for drawing in a lot of audiences, which is what ‘All the Bright Places’ is expected to benefit from.

For now, Netflix has not made any announcements for a follow-up film. They usually take some time after the release of the title to gauge the response and then decide whether or not it would be wise to create another film. To see how it all turns out, we’ll have to wait a while.

Considering the fact that the film is based on a book, a sequel seems unlikely. The book ties up the story for both the characters and the film follows suit. The ending remains the same for both of them. Because the story is about both Finch and Violet, with one of them dead in the end, it doesn’t make sense to continue the story. This is probably why Jennifer Niven, the author, did not write a sequel. In the absence of further material, Netflix most probably would not make another film in the series.

Despite all of this, there remains a very remote possibility for a sequel. Authors are known to have written sequels after the release of the film based on the first book. The success of ‘All the Bright Places’ might change Niven’s mind about its conclusion and perhaps, she might write another book, which could focus on what’s next for Violet. Because Niven was involved with the movie as a writer, there is also a chance that she might develop the story directly as a film rather than first working on the novel. We could also jump back into the past and learn more about Finch’s side of the story.

In the end, the decision depends on how the film performs with the viewers and whether Netflix finds it reasonable to go for a sequel. And if they do, you can expect All the Bright Things 2 to release sometime in 2023 or later.

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