Aloha Builds Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Hosts, Recap, Update

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Aloha Builds is a DIY network show that features siblings who work side by side to re-model houses and various other places in Hawaii, incorporating island designs and few tricks of the trade that only locals would know of. They are known to create beautiful and budget-friendly homes that have an elegant feel and a warm ambience. The show first premiered on 10th September 2018.

Aloha Builds Cast: Who is in it?

The show follows Michelle and David Jaime as they remodel and design homes. Michelle and David were born and raised in Hawaii and have stayed there most of their lives. Michelle is the creative head behind all the projects; she provides design and decor expertise, while the brother David and his team mostly handle the construction part of the remodel. Together, they create a perfect balance as they work in harmony. For the most part at least.

From time to time, we see them engage in arguments, providing the typical levity and drama associated with an HGTV remodel project. You will see quite a few triumphs, as well as many stressful challenges, while they complete their Hawaiian home remodelling projects. You will also see Oahu’s gorgeous scenery with beaches and sunsets and sand. In particular, there is a lot of great footage from their town and their favourite Oahu place, Kailua. Watching Aloha Builds, and the team’s journey with their clients is a fun way to get a glimpse of the special Hawaii lifestyle. Aloha Builds also features local families who have purchased homes on Oahu and are in need of remodelling.

One of the very first local families that was featured on the show was the Harms Family – Kris and Martina Harms, who are a young local couple with two kids and a recently bought a house in the Country Club Knoll neighborhood of Kailua. They auditioned for the show and luckily got selected. They feature in the first episode of Aloha Builds as their new home is remodelled to give them a new “flex room.”  It fell between the kitchen and the family room which they used as a dining room and a play area for the kids

Season 2, if commissioned, will see the return of Michelle and David Jaime.

Aloha Builds Plot: What is it about?

Aloha Builds is a show that follows a team of a brother and a sister who put their talent and local knowledge to use by remodelling homes for the locals using the island designs and turning them into an elegant and beautiful place to live in for people who are looking for a decent place in a budget. David is a licensed contractor, and Michelle is a designer, together they showcase the affordability of the island lifestyle.

The show follows the siblings as they source local materials, like lava rock tiles and sugarcane stalks, and upcycle and salvaged items which would otherwise be considered useless, to not only create original and no-cost pieces to help families stay on a budget but also bring a fantasy tropical life to reality. David and Michelle explained the importance of running his business locally in an interview by saying, ”Hawaii is paradise, which is why so many families are moving here, but home renovation can be pricey unless you know the right people. With our local knowledge, we can save our clients a lot of money.” They explained the advantage of getting the best deals when you know the locals personally, and it helps them stay in their looted budget. There are times when these projects do not conform to the allotted budget, but that is normal when it comes to remodeling and construction. It is a challenging task, and sometimes some things might come up as a complete surprise, but they face the challenges and make it work. Their designs are very fresh and chic.

In the first episode of season 1, they helped a couple revamp their outdated 1970s Honolulu home. They visited the home’s odd layout, and several walls were removed to create a roomy and well-ventilated kitchen with new windows that offered spectacular views of the lush island mountains and made it seem like the house had plenty of space to breathe. They also created an open living room and a dining area that is perfect for entertaining guests and can also be turned into the kid’s play area.  To add natural island element design throughout the home, they created innovative yet pretty looking shelves out of monkey pod trees, which would otherwise go to a landfill as waste. They also repurposed the home’s original wood walls to create a cool custom-designed headboard for the master bedroom.

Season 2, if commissioned, will continue the hosts adventure into rebuilding and modifying homes. It will continue to prove that people today are more open to accepting changes in their lifestyle. Michelle and David Jaime’s innovative ideas and budget-friendly makeovers of homes will continue to fascinate us.

Aloha Builds Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Aloha Builds season 1 premiered on September 10, 2018. As far as the next season is concerned, there is no news of the renewal of the show as of now, but it could be announced soon. We expect Aloha Builds season 2 to release sometime in September or October 2019 juts like its previous season.

Aloha Builds Trailer

While we wait for Aloha Builds season 2, here’s the launch promo of season 1.

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