Alone Season 7 Episode 6: When and Where to Watch?

Alone Season 7 Episode 6

Season 7 of History Channel’s hit reality television series ‘Alone’ has been ramping up the thrill and adventure quotient with each episode, as the contestants self-document their day-to-day struggles while surviving the extreme conditions in the wilderness. None of the contestants quit in the fifth episode but as winter is starting to creep in on the east arm of Great Slave Lake, it’s going to get a lot more difficult for the contestants to refrain from tapping out. Head to the recap section, to know more about the episode. In case you’re updated, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Alone’ season 7 episode 6?

Alone Season 7 Episode 6 Release Date

‘Alone’ season 7 episode 6 is slated to release on July 16, 2020, at 10 pm ET on History Channel.

Where to Watch Alone Season 7 Episode 6 Online?

‘Alone’ is on the History Channel so you can watch it with a cable subscription. If you don’t have one, you can head to the History’s official site and stream the episodes. Cord cutters are on the rise and several options have been made available for them as well. They make up an increasing section of the viewership base since people like to consume content while on the move. Moreover, people prefer streaming when they find the time, rather than being constricted by the air times set by networks.

If you wish to stream ‘Alone’ head to DirecTVFuboTV, or Sling TV. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can acquire and stream the episodes separately, or just get the season altogether. If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can catch one season of ‘Alone.’ However, it is not the current season, and it is unlikely that other seasons of the History Channel show will be headed to the platform anytime soon.

Alone Season 7 Episode 5 Recap

‘Alone’ season 7 episode 5 is titled ‘The Rock.’

In yet another episode of the adventure series, Montana-native Callie Russell really manages to up her shelter game by building a stone fireplace. It’s a pretty smart move considering the changing weather conditions, as winter is coming. Sorry, I had to. Moving on, Amos Rodriguez appears to be frustrated with his gill net as he just throws it into the water stream, instead of securing it tightly around a tree or something. I mean, when you are trying to survive in the wild, gill nets can be a beneficial tool.

As it begins to snow, Amos loses his ax while gathering woods, only to find it the next day. Joe Nicholas is still struggling with building his shelter. On the bright side, he manages to catch a huge freshwater Lake trout. Slowly and steadily Roland Welker is on the right path. He is ambitious yet cautious about avoiding unnecessary risks, which is a reflection of the stability of his mind. Also, he offers this episode’s cliffhanger when he shoots at the dangerous musk-ox, aiming to make it his dinner.

Well, we will have to wait for another week to find out whether he manages to fulfill that aim. However, my money is on him chowing down the meat of the Arctic hoofed mammal. Joel Van Der Loon carves a mandolin and plays a song which is quite entertaining, but has he forgotten he is on a survival show and singing songs isn’t going to help feed his stomach? Kielyn Marrone repairs her chimney by using clay and can we talk about how badass her haircut looks? Wow. Mighty impressed!

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