Alone Season 8 Episode 7: What to Expect?

In the sixth episode of ‘Alone’ season 8, we bade goodbye to another contestant, who succumbed to the brutal ways of the wild. In the meantime, the others roamed far and wide in search of food while making peace with gradual weight loss. For a descriptive take on the latest episode, you can refer to the recap section. Before the next episode drops, here’s everything we know about ‘Alone’ season 8 episode 7!

Alone Season 8 Episode 7 Release Date

‘Alone’ season 8 episode 7 will premiere on July 15, 2021, at 9:30 pm ET on History. New episodes roll out on a weekly basis, and every episode has a runtime of around 90 minutes.

Where to Watch Alone Season 8 Episode 7 Online?

To watch ‘Alone’ season 8 episode 7 during the time it airs, you can tune in to History at the above-mentioned timeslot. If you can’t watch it on TV, you can stream it later on History’s official website. Moreover, live-streaming options are available on DirecTVFubo TVSling TV, and Philo TV. Fans can also rent/buy individual episodes or entire seasons of the show on Amazon Prime VideoiTunes, and Apple TV. Lastly, Hulu users can watch the episodes of ‘Alone’ here.

Alone Season 8 Episode 7 Spoilers

The seventh episode of ‘Alone’ season 8 is titled ‘Surrounded.’ The survivalists will have completed a month in the wilderness, which means that winter has finally arrived. In the episode, we will witness the five remaining contestants adopt new strategies to fight the cold. But amidst such debilitating conditions, one of them will chance upon an intimidating grizzly bear prompting them to get their weapons ready. Elsewhere, another survivalist will go overboard in an attempt to secure food, putting his or her life in danger!

Alone Season 8 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode of ‘Alone’ season 8 is titled ‘Smoked.’ Season 8 has introduced stricter policies with regards to hunting that has further caused problems for the survivalists. With only six contestants in the picture, the episode began with Clay catching a huge buck and scraping off 50 pounds of meat from its carcass. He subsequently designed a smoke shack as a food storage facility dumping all of his meat there. Elsewhere, we saw Nate hauling a giant fish along the shore, but unfortunately, he lost it moments later and ended up catching a smaller fish that in no way compares to the one he missed. He had already lost 35 pounds by then, and to further aggravate his situation, he accidentally consumed poisonous water that took a toll on his health, forcing him to tap out.

On the other hand, Colter continued to live his life as if he never left civilization. To get rid of persistent hunger, he keeps a stash of onions, berries, and other wild produce that has kept him going till now. On top of that, his massive fish trap caught our eye as compared to the others that seem relatively average. Apart from that, it was slightly concerning to watch Theresa still working on her shelter despite having a shortage of food. Everyone at this point is suffering from malnutrition, including Biko, who has lost 50 pounds over 26 days. But in this episode, he pulled in a rainbow trout that was absolutely delightful to watch. In the end, we caught a glimpse of Rose already decked up in her winter attire.

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