Alone Season 8: Everything We Know

The pandemic forced most of us into isolation, but History Channel’s hit survival series ‘Alone’ takes the concept to a whole new level. The reality series follows ten contestants who have to survive in the wilderness for a limited number of days but all on their own. The individuals must try to brave the extreme conditions with limited equipment of survival. Even though humans might be the most intellectually evolved species on the planet, most of us won’t last a day if we are stripped of all our support systems.

The series first premiered on June 18, 2015, and swept the lovers of survival shows off their feet with its raw and genuine content. Most people love the show for its focus on what goes on in the mind of the survivalists. Since the contestants shoot their own footage, they often talk about what they are thinking and feeling. The much-loved series also has Danish and Norwegian versions, in addition to the spin-off called ‘Alone: The Beast.’ After the seventh season ended with Roland Welker being the winner, fans have been eagerly waiting for a season 8. If you are looking for updates, you are just where you need to be!

Alone Season 8 Release Date

‘Alone’ season 8 is set to release on June 3, 2021, at 9:30 pm ET on History Channel.

It is no news that the survival-themed show is one of the biggest hits for the channel. With the world living through the pandemic, the viewers are likely to appreciate the grit and skills of the contestants more than ever. The production team also did not have to worry about filming the season during the pandemic since filming does not require them to work in a group. All the contestants have to survive in total isolation. No one is with them, not even a filming crew. Their only contact with the civilized world is a satellite phone meant for emergencies.

Most of the seasons are shot in the fall before winter arrives, after which the production team needs a few months to edit the footage. Since filming for season 8 began in Fall 2020, it makes sense for it to land in Summer 2021. This way, the show has also managed to keep with its regular release schedule as new seasons usually release in June each year.

Alone Season 8 Contestants

Like the previous seasons (except season 4), the show’s eighth installment has ten cast members. The contestants for the upcoming season fall in the age bracket of 30-48 years. The following are the male cast members: Colter Barnes, Jordon Bell, Matt Corradino, Clay Hayes, Tim Madsen, Nate Weber, and Biko Wright. The three female contestants are Michelle Finn, Theresa Emmerich Kamper, and Rose Anna Moore. Since Kamper is from Exeter, England, she is the only contestant from outside the US.

What Is Alone Season 8 About?

In the seventh season, the contestants had to survive in the Arctic for 100 days, for which the winner took home $1 million. With the eighth season, the series reverts to its usual format; that is, the person to survive the extremes for the longest time will win a cash prize of $500,000. Each season, the contestants are taken to a different remote location, and the eighth installment of the show was filmed near Chilko Lake, British Columbia.

The Canadian location is world-famous for being home to a high number of grizzly bears. The upcoming season has also been deemed as one of the most dangerous seasons the show has ever delivered. In season 8, the contestants encounter deadly predators including, mountain lions and wolves. Fortunately, the contestants always have the option to “tap out” from the competition if they feel like they cannot carry on any longer.

A medical team also examines the survival experts every week to ensure that they are physically and mentally healthy enough to continue participating. What makes the competition all the more interesting is that the survivalists have no clue where they are going. So there is nothing they can do to prepare themselves for what they might face on location.

Alone Season 8 Trailer

Here is a trailer that paints a vivid picture of the eighth season for you to know what the hype is all about!

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