Will There be an Along Came a Spider Sequel?

Directed by Lee Tamahori (‘Mulholland Falls’), ‘Along Came a Spider’ is a mystery-thriller film that tells the story of the forensic psychologist and MPD detective Alex Cross. After losing his partner in a sting operation gone wrong, Cross leaves the force. However, when Megan Rose, the daughter of a US senator, is abducted from her school by Gary Soneji, a man who was supposed to be her teacher, Cross returns to active duty to join the search for her.

As the film progresses, he learns that, unlike regular kidnappers, Soneji is not after money. Instead, he wants to garner widespread notoriety through his crime. The film has been  and stars Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter, Michael Wincott, and Mika Boorem. Although it has been 19 years since its release, fans are still wondering about a possible sequel. Here is everything we know about it.

Along Came a Spider Sequel Release Date

‘Along Came a Spider’ premiered on April 6, 2001, and while it didn’t receive that many positive reviews from the critics, it managed to make $105 million at the box office against its $60 million budget. It is the second film based on the Alex Cross novels written by bestselling author James Patterson. The first film, titled ‘Kiss the Girls’, came out in 1997. Although Freeman plays Cross in both films, Tamahori didn’t serve as the director on the older project. That honor went to Gary Fleder, best known for ‘The Companion,’ and ‘Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead.’

Freeman didn’t reprise his role as Cross a third time. In 2010, the work on rebooting the series started. In the initial stages, Idris Elba was slated to play the main character but was later substituted with Tyler Perry. Marc Moss, the writer of ‘Along Came a Spider,’ shared the screenplay credits with Kerry Williamson for the script based on Patterson’s 2006 novel ‘Cross.’ Directed by Rob Cohen (‘xXx,’ ‘Stealth’), ‘Alex Cross’ released on October 19, 2012.

With the film being a critical and commercial failure, the studio scrapped its planned sequel, an adaptation of the 2007 novel ‘Double Cross,’ also starring Perry. As of summer 2020, there is no official news about a possible fourth Alex Cross film. However, if Freeman were to return to portray an older Alex Cross, then ‘Along Came a Spider’ sequel will likely release sometime in 2022 or later.

Along Came a Spider Sequel Cast: Who is in it?

For an Alex Cross film to be a sequel to ‘Along Came a Spider,’ Freeman has to come back to the series to play the main character. Anna Maria Horsford will have to return to portray Cross’ wife, Vicki. Jay O. Sanders might have to reprise his character, Kyle Craig. Sanders is the only actor from the first film besides Freeman and Horsford that also appears in ‘Along Came a Spider.’

Tatyana Ali, who plays Cross’ daughter Janelle in ‘Kiss the Girls’, might rejoin the cast. Bill Nunn, portraying Cross’ longtime friend John Sampson, might come back to the film series. Unfortunately, Helen Martin, the actress who is a part of the first film as Cross’ grandmother Regina, passed away in 2000. That role is likely to remain uncast, considering Freeman’s age. Monica Potter and Michael Wincott will not reprise their roles as their characters are killed in ‘Along Came a Spider.’

Along Came a Spider Sequel Plot: What can it be About?

‘Along Came a Spider’ is the cinematic adaptation of the 1993 namesake novel. While the film is drastically different from the book in various aspects, it still basically has the same plot as the source material. Soneji takes Megan (Boorem) because he wants to be as famous as Richard Hauptmann, the German immigrant who was convicted of abducting Charles Lindbergh Jr., the one-year-old son of ace aviator Charles Lindbergh Sr. Cross begins to investigate the whole kidnapping matter.

Soon, Cross discovers that Secret Service agent Jezzie Flannigan (Potter) and Ben Devine (Billy Burke) were using Soneji to get the ransom, $ 10 million in diamonds, from Megan’s parents. Soneji is killed by Cross after he tries to abduct Flannigan. Later, Flannigan kills Devine because she knows that Cross has figured out his involvement. Soon, Cross shows up at the isolated farmhouse where they have been keeping Megan since taking her from Soneji’s boat. He points his gun at Flannigan and tells her to drop her own gun. She doesn’t and tries to aim it at him but is shot dead instead.

In the final moments, Cross tells Megan that nothing will make him happier than taking her to her parents. If there is indeed a sequel starring both Freeman and Sanders, we might finally see Craig transforming into the dangerous criminal and serial killer “The Mastermind.” The dynamics between various members of the Cross family might get explored. John’s sacrifice for Cross in ‘Kiss the Girls’ might get some focus as well.

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