15 Amazing Behind the Scenes Titanic Photos

It’s been roughly 20 years since ‘Titanic’ released and made history. The movie world never remained the same. Two iconic movie stars — in the form of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet — were born. One already talented director made it to the history books by making the most successful movie ever. Millions of people not just in America but across the world saw the film and came out with moist eyes. An epic love story that surpassed all the expectations. But have you wondered what went behind making such an iconic film. These pictures will show you that a lot of hard work went behind making ‘Titanic’ look so authentic and grand and beautiful. Enjoy these behind the scenes photos from the sets of ‘Titanic’.


1. James Cameron, the director, had to himself be in water to shoot all the flooding scenes


2. Another picture showing what a hands on director he is.


3. James Cameron directing Leo and Kate in one of the ballroom scenes


4. Leo and Kate perfecting their every move


5. The commitment of James Cameron is highly commendable


6. It seems like this is one of the easier scenes he shot.


7. Preparing to shoot the iconic scene from the film that has to be the favorite of everyone


8. Chilling out or gearing up. Kate Winslet looks adorable in every single picture. Wouldn’t you agree? 


9. James Cameron making sure the musical notes are right.


10. Time for some fun in the middle of what must have been a taxing shoot.


11. Ensuring everything is alright.


12. This is the dummy model of the Titanic that was used in the film


13. Hopefully, this picture doesn’t ruin your imagination of those water scenes.


14. Time for some make-up


15. It seems like Kate found time for a quick nap.

All photos courtesy: Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox