American Crime Story Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

If you’re a fan of the true crime genre, ‘American Crime Story’ is a show which you simply cannot miss. Developed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, ‘American Crime Story’, in its format, is similar to the hugely popular fictional horror anthology series, ‘American Horror Story’, and follows some of the most high profile cases in the legal history of modern America. Understandably, the show managed to pique the interest of millions of viewers and has been an astounding success ever since it made its debut in February 2016. Till date, ‘American Crime Story’ has seen two seasons being aired and here’s everything you need to know about the prospects of Season 3.

American Crime Story Cast: Who is in it?

Although ‘American Crime Story’ brings to viewers high profile legal cases from America’s recent history, the show presents these cases in a dramatized format as opposed to a documentary format. Hence, each season (which deals with a particular case) has its own set of cast members.

In Season 1, Academy Award winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the role of embattled American football star O. J. Simpson while Academy Award nominee and veteran actor John Travolta plays the role of American civil litigator Robert Shapiro. Additionally, Season 1 also features other high profile actors and actresses – Sarah Paulson plays the role of American prosecutor Marcia Clark, David Schwimmer plays the role of American businessman Robert Kardashian, Sterling K. Brown plays the role of American lawyer Christopher Darden, and Kenneth Choi slips into the shoes of American judge Lance Ito. Further, there are a host of supporting cast members.

In Season 2, the list of cast members is different. Among the main cast members, Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez plays the role of fashion mogul and Versace founder Gianni Versace, Darren Criss plays the role of serial killer Andre Cunanan, pop singer Ricky Martin plays the role of Italian fashion designer Antonio D’Amico, and Penélope Cruz plays the role of Gianni Versace’s sister, Donatella Versace. As with Season 1, Season 2 also has its entourage of supporting cast members.

As far as the cast of Season 3 is concerned, it has been revealed that Beanie Feldstein will play Monica Lewinsky, whereas Sarah Paulson and Annaleigh Ashford would star as Linda Tripp and Paula Jones, respectively, with Lewinsky herself signing on as a co-producer.

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American Crime Story Plot: What is it about?

Each season of ‘American Crime Story’ is presented as a mini-series and follows one particular high profile case in contemporary America.

The first season of the show, subtitled The People v. O. J. Simpson, followed the infamous trial of football star O. J. Simpson. For those unaware, Simpson was arrested in 2007 on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping, and after a lengthy trial which was called the “trial of the century,” was sentenced to 33 years in prison in 2008. However, in July 2017, Simpson was granted parole and was released months later in October 2017.

Understandably, Season 1 of ‘American Crime Story’ immediately made an impact after release and the show’s creators made sure to keep the flame alive. The second season of ‘American Crime Story’ made its way to viewers’ screens two years after The People v. O. J. Simpson, and was subtitled The Assassination of Gianni Versace. In Season 2, the show explores the murder of iconic fashion designer Gianni Versace at the hands of serial killer Andrew Cunanan, and explores the aftermath of Versace’s assassination. Season 2 is based on a book called Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History, written by American reporter Maureen Orth.

After Season 2, it was announced that ‘American Crime Story’ would get a third season. If you’re curious about what Season 3 will address, we’ve got you. Like Season 2, Season 3, subtitled Impeachment, will be based on a book called A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President, and will follow the impeachment proceedings against former US President Bill Clinton, who was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice.

Interestingly, it was also announced that another season would focus on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina which devastated Florida and Louisiana in August 2005. However, in February 2019, FX announced that it had scrapped plans to produce the season.

As far as ratings go, ‘American Crime Story’ has made quite a name for itself. On IMDb, the show enjoys a great rating of 8.5/10 based on nearly 70,000 votes. On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, ‘American Crime Story’ enjoys a whopping Tomatometer score of 93%. Further, ‘American Crime Story’ has also bagged several awards, including four Golden Globe Awards and multiple Primetime Emmy Awards, among others. 

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American Crime Story Season 3 Release Date: When is it coming out?

‘American Crime Story’ season 2 premiered on January 17, 2018 and ran till March 21 of the same year. Although the season on Bill Clinton had been announced by the time Season 2 came to an end, in April 2018, FX announced that it had scrapped the season.

After a tense year, fans were delighted when FX, in August 2019, confirmed that Season 3 was back in production. While very few details are known about ‘American Crime Story’ Season 3 as of now, reports suggest that it will be making its way to our screens on September 27, 2020. Of course, since it’s pretty early, the release date could undergo one or multiple changes. We’ll be keeping track of developments pertaining to the release date of Season 3 and we’ll update this section if any changes are announced.

American Crime Story Trailer:

While we wait for FX to release a trailer for the upcoming third season, here is the trailer for Season 2 to give you a glimpse into the show and how it handles the dramatization of high profile cases. When FX releases the trailer for Season 3, we’ll be sure to update this section. So, don’t forget to check this space regularly.

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