American Horror Stories Episode 6: What to Expect?

Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, ‘American Horror Stories’ is a horror anthology series that expands the AHS universe by adding new elements and fleshing out old ones. Unlike the original show, the spin-off tells a brand new story every week. The series premiered on July 15, 2021. If you are wondering what is in store for you in the show’s next episode, we got you covered.

American Horror Stories Episode 6 Release Date

‘American Horror Stories’ season 1 episode 6 is set to release on August 12, 2021, at 12 a.m. ET on FX on Hulu. The first two episodes, which depict a single story, came out together on July 15. The rest of the episodes are set to come out every Thursday. The producers reportedly have developed 16 episodes in total. The first 7 episodes will be broadcast weekly before the show goes on a break. The other 9 episodes will reportedly be released later in 2021.

Where to Stream American Horror Stories Episode 6 Online?

‘American Horror Stories’ season 1 episode 6 can be watched on Hulu. Australian viewers can catch the episodes on Binge a day later, on August 13.

American Horror Stories Episode 6 Spoilers

In episode 6, titled ‘Feral,’ a family might have a disturbing experience during a camping trip. The family might be from the city that has decided to spend the weekend in the quieter and more serene forest environment. They then might learn that they are sharing the forest with a family of cannibals and murderers, who have lived there for generations.

The next episode will likely be a proper slasher, in which these cannibals terrorize and kill the members of the family from the city. Realizing that they have no other choice but to fight for their survival, the family from the city might decide to embrace the inherent beastly nature of all humans, and all-out war might break out between the two factions, leading to several deaths on both sides.

American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

In episode 5, a young woman named Liv has always wanted to be a mother. After her doctor tells her that their latest attempt to impregnate her through IVF has failed, she and her husband Matt decide to keep trying. Bernadette, the receptionist at the clinic, gives Liv a totem that is supposed to represent a Sumerian fertility god and tells her that it has helped generations of women in her family to get pregnant. Thinking that she has nothing to lose, Liv puts the totem under her bed and has sex with her husband.

16 months later, Liv has a son named Aaron. However, she seems to have developed anxiety and paranoia. She believes that Ba’al, the fertility god, will take her child away from her and ends up stabbing her husband. After she is institutionalized, it is revealed that Matt orchestrated everything that Liv saw and experienced with the help of Bernadette and his film school friends.

With Liv in the psychiatric facility, Matt can access the wealth that she inherited from her grandfather. However, as Matt and his accomplices celebrate, the real Ba’al appears and slaughters everyone but Matt, who is blamed for the deaths and incarcerated. The closing scenes reveal that Liv summoned the real Ba’al and forced him to do her bidding.

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