American Horror Stories Season 1 Finale: What to Expect?

Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, ‘American Horror Stories’ is a horror anthology series. It serves as a spinoff of ‘American Horror Story,’ one of the most popular and highly-rated horror shows of all time. The spinoff expands the AHS universe by introducing new elements and presenting the old ones differently. The series premiered on July 15, 2021. If you are wondering what is in store for you in the season 1 finale of the show, we got you covered.

American Horror Stories Episode 7 Release Date

‘American Horror Stories’ season 1 episode 7 is set to release on August 19, 2021, at 12 a.m. ET on FX on Hulu. The first two episodes, which depict a single story, came out together on July 15. The rest of the episodes are set to come out every Thursday. The producers reportedly have developed 16 episodes in total. However, it was later revealed that the first season comprises only 7 episodes.

Where to Stream American Horror Stories Episode 7 Online?

‘American Horror Stories’ season 1 episode 7 can be watched on Hulu. Australian viewers can catch the episodes on Binge a day later, on August 20.

American Horror Stories Episode 7 Spoilers

Episode 7, titled ‘Game Over,’ will likely focus on a couple challenged to spend an entire night in a haunted house. They might initially think that it will be something fun to do until they start experiencing whatever horrors reside in the house. In episode 7, the show just might revisit the infamous Murder House, which is featured in the pilot episode. This means some of the characters from that episode, including Gladys, Infantata, and Ruby, might reappear in the season finale.

The challenge might take place on Halloween night. So, when the couple enters the house to spend the night there, they might encounter Scarlett. The audience knows from the first episode that Scarlett returns every Halloween to spend time with her girlfriend, Ruby. Considering Scarlett is a psychopath, that encounter will not likely be pleasant for the couple.

American Horror Stories Episode 6 Recap

In episode 6, Jay and Addy visit the Kern Canyon National Park with their three-year-old son Jacob for a camping trip. However, Jacob goes missing, and the grieving parents spend the next 10 years trying to find him. One day, a hunter and guide named Birch shows up on Jay’s doorsteps and claims that he knows where Jacob is. The proof he provides convinces Jay and Addy to go with him. But they eventually discover that Birch was planning to rob and kill them.

It is revealed that Jacob was actually taken by the Feral Nation, a cannibalistic subpopulation of humans who live in the woods. As they try to escape, Jay and Addy find themselves in a middle of a clearing. They discover their son is alive and has become the king of the Ferals. Although Jacob recognizes them, the bond between him and Jay and Addy doesn’t exist any longer. When one of the Ferals asks him who Jay and Addy are, Jacob replies that they are dinner. This prompts the Ferals to attack Jay and Addy and eat them alive.

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