American Housewife S04 E19: What to Expect?

The fourth edition of our favorite comedy-drama, ‘American Housewife’ is eventually nearing the end of yet another eventful season. We have seen the Ottos adjusting to multiple new changes in their lives in Westport, Connecticut. In the current installment, the fam has tackled several issues head-on. While Katie contemplates leaving her job, Greg enters into a mid-life crisis phase. As for the kids, Oliver and Taylor are concerned about their individual futures.

In last week’s episode, we witness Katie giving another life lesson to Anna-Kat — telling her daughter how she needs to stand up for herself. But Anna-Kat takes the advice in a different way and ends up rebelling against her higher authorities at school. On the other hand, Greg participates in an American Revolution reenactment with his friends — which prompts Oliver to join the opposing British forces. Meanwhile, Franklin starts imagining Trip as his real brother.

This week, the show again brings in some new issues in the lives of the Ottos. But before coming to that, let’s get ready for the next episode. So, when will ‘American Housewife’ Season 4 Episode 19 release? Read on to know.

American Housewife Season 4 Episode 19 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘American Housewife’ Season 4 Episode 19 is slated to be released on ABC on May 6, 2020, at 9:30 pm ET/ 8.30 pm CT. It is titled ‘Vacation!’.

The episode’s official synopsis gives further insights into its storyline. It goes as follows: “After Anna-Kat’s big win with The Wildflower Girls, the Ottos go on a family vacation; Katie is determined to have a relaxing kid-free day with Greg; Taylor loses her money on Hollywood Boulevard and Anna-Kat is forced to get them out of trouble.”

Season 4 consists of 21 episodes, and it will wrap up with its finale on May 20, 2020.

Where to Watch American Housewife Season 4 Episode 19 Online?

You can watch ‘American Housewife’ season 4 episode 19 by tuning in to ABC at the aforementioned time slot if you have a cable subscription for the channel. New episodes are released the next day on the official ABC website and ABC app. You can catch the show on these platforms as well through a cable subscription. Otherwise, all the recently aired episodes are also available on Hulu.

Cord-cutting options include live-streaming ABC using devices like iOS and Android, Macs and PCs, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Chromecast. Some of the cable-free platforms where you can live-stream ‘American Housewife’ are Direct TV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV. The season is available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

American Housewife Season 4 Episode 18 Recap:

The eighteenth episode of the fourth season of ‘American Housewife’ is titled ‘Senior Prank’. It is the eighty-eighth episode of the show overall. Written by Donald Diego and directed by Chris Koch, it follows Katie as she compels Taylor to lighten up and partake in the latter’s school’s senior prank event. However, Greg is not supportive of the whole scenario. On the other hand, Anna-Kat requests Oliver to give a makeover to Franklin. She does not want Franklin to embarrass himself at one of their classmate’s party.

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