American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Episode 2: What to Expect?

In the premiere ‘American Ninja Warrior’ season 13, the contestants giddy-up to become worthy ninjas capable of touching the peak of the majestic Mount Midoriyama. As expected, the competition is tougher this season, and the teenagers are especially the ones to look out for. If you want to know more about the episode, you can check out the recap section. If you’re ready to move on to the next part, here’s what we can expect from ‘American Ninja Warrior’ season 13 episode 2!

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Episode 2 Release Date

‘American Ninja Warrior’ season 13 episode 2 is scheduled to release on June 7, 2021, at 8 pm ET on NBC. New episodes roll out on a weekly basis, with each episode having a runtime of around 36-128 minutes. The season is set to have 16 episodes in total. 

Where to Watch American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Episode 2 Online?

To watch the upcoming ‘American Ninja Warrior’ season 13 episode 2, tune in to NBC at the above-mentioned date and time. If you don’t find the time to watch its television premiere, you can stream it on NBC’s official website or the NBC app shortly after. Fans can also live stream the show on Sling TVYouTube TVDirecTVPhilo TV, and Fubo TV. Hulu subscribers can additionally access the show on the streaming platform. Another option is to purchase or rent the episodes of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ on Amazon PrimeiTunes, and Apple TV.

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Episode 2 Spoilers

The next episode of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ season 13, titled ‘Qualifiers 2,’ will cover the second round of Qualifiers set to resume at the Tacoma Dome with new faces taking on the course. As viewers, we also get to pick out our favorites from a new generation of highly skilled and competitive ninjas. As teenagers also grace the stage for the first time, we will see more talent rise to the surface. They will be tackling six challenging obstacles, including the Shrinking Steps, Weight for It, Split Decision, Tipping Point, and V Formation, in addition to the iconic Warped Wall, known as the worst enemy of the ninjas!

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 Episode 1 Recap

The premiere of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ season 13 is titled ‘Qualifiers 1.’ As the game starts, the first person up for the challenge is Kid Owhadi, an alumnus of the show. He fails to finish one of the balance obstacles, and to see him fall convinces 16-year-old Sophie to choose a different balance obstacle. However, she only makes it to The Tipping Point, the fourth obstacle. Later, Sam Sann, one of the oldest ninjas in the show, crosses it and falls on the fifth obstacle, V Formation. All eyes subsequently fall on Elijah Browning when the teenager ninja becomes the first person to get past V Formation.

The next ninja is Jonathan Horton, an experienced player in the game. He has competed six times before but has never made it to Las Vegas. Having been an Olympian before, he had all of us believe that he’d make it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t. Moving on, there are more ninjas on the list, including a sibling duo who trained together for the show, and both of them fall on the V Formation.

Competitors who positively qualify for the next round include sixteen-year-old drummer Jonathan Godbout, struggling farmer Caleb Dowden, and veteran ninja Lindsey Eskildsen. Most of the ninjas exhibit a good hold over the obstacle course, but fifteen-year-old Isaiah Thomas becomes the first one to face the Mega Warped Wall and the youngest person ever to hit a buzzer in the game. The last person up is Daniel Gil, known for almost hitting the final million-dollar prize during his previous appearance in the show, but he unluckily drops out on V Formation.

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