America’s Hidden Stories Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Plot, Update

The history of our civilization, culture, reformation, and religion — is filled with intrigue, mysteries, and shocking truths — some yet to be uncovered. How many of the facts that we read in history books are actually true? How many stories had been tweaked to suit the ruling regime during the times when these pages were first scribbled?

Just like all other nations, even the US history is packed with so many noteworthy events — such as The Salem witch trials, The Spanish influenza of 1918, and The treason of Benedict Arnold. However, whatever facts we know, are they all true? Recent research suggests, maybe not. And this is what Smithsonian Channel’s America’s Hidden Stories is about. Each episode of this documentary series digs deeper into long-concealed, dusty records to unearth further information about a particular incident. For example: Was any British official involved in the Pearl Harbor attacks? Was Benedict Arnold accompanied by an accomplice? Where did the Salem witch hangings actually take space? The show tries to give viewers solid answers to all these questions. The series is by Lone Wolf Media and first premiered on March 4, 2019.

America’s Hidden Stories Cast: Who is in it?

America’s Hidden Stories features a mix of archaeologists, forensic scientists, and historians who put their best in uncovering the past by discovering new evidence — thereby, rewriting history itself. The techniques used by them involve scientific research tools such as archaeology, forensic science and reconstruction, and photographic records in order to shed light on notable historical events.

America’s Hidden Stories Plot: What is it about?

Here’s a glimpse of what the first season of docu-series has to offer to its viewers:

Episode 1, titled Salem’s Secrets, as the name suggests, is about the notorious, 300-year-old case – the Salem witch trials. In this infamous incident, more than 200 men, women, and even kids — during the 17th century — were accused of practicing witchcraft. Among them, 19 were found guilty and were hanged in Salem, Massachusetts.  However, we still don’t know the actual site where the hangings took place. A team of experts travels to the town to study the case and try to unearth new clues from old documents that might have notes about this dark, shameful event. Using 3D computer mapping techniques and ground-penetrating radar, the crew successfully discovers the long-lost site.

Episode 2, titled Targeting Jefferson Davis, is about the Dahlgren Affair. This incident can be traced way back to March 1864, when a group of Union soldiers under the leadership of Colonel Ulric Dahlgren, were attacked outside the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. After the ambush, Dahlgren’s corpse was found carrying secret plans to burn the city and murder the rebel President Jefferson Davis. This discovery enraged the Confederacy and changed the course of the Civil War chapter. According to belief, the assassination of President Lincoln was also an aftermath of the Dahlgren Affair.

Episode 3, titled Pandemic 1918, is based on the flu epidemic in the early 20th century America –killing approximately 50 million people globally. However, the unchecked spread of the deadly disease was also due to neglect and suppression by the government agencies. In this episode, researchers travel to one such mass grave and try to reveal the horrible truth by using cutting edge technology.

Episode 4, titled Pearl Harbor Spies, is about the Pearl Harbor attack during World War I. Experts go through documents from the FBI, US Navy, and British archives so as to gain new insights about the incident. In fact, there was an operational spy ring, way before WWI, which used to smuggle intelligence and stolen technology to the Japanese Navy. Evidence suggests that these spies worked under a British lord, who was also a friend of Churchill. So did this spy ring execute the Pearl Harbor bombing? If yes, how? And why are there no official records of the incident?

Episode 5, titled CIA Cyber Attack, takes you back to 1982 when a huge, non-nuclear explosion was recorded by satellites in the Siberian wilderness. Now, after so many decades, there is proof which suggests that this might have been executed with the CIA’s involvement, who implemented the-then emerging field of computer viruses. US officials had utilized the intelligence taken from a high-level KGB defector and made a plan — as revenge against the Soviets — to salt stolen technology and data — pilfered by Russia — under the pretense of mutual cooperation.

Episode 6, The General Was A Woman, is about General Casimir Pulaski — the most fascinating, brilliant cavalry commander under George Washington. The intelligent tactics of this Polish-born individual were one of the reasons for the success of the American Revolution. It is also speculated that Washington owed his life to Pulaski in the Battle of Brandywine. However,  new forensic evidence and the discovery of the skeleton of a woman — on unearthing his body — suggest that Pulaski might actually have been a woman. DNA tests and advanced technology might reveal something quite shocking about one of the key personalities in American history.

Episode 7, titled Mrs. Benedict Arnold is about America’s most infamous traitor. But why did this hero and patriot resort to treason?  Recent evidence — that has revealed hidden correspondence records — suggests that the actual culprit might have been Arnold’s teenage wife Peggy. She was in a secret relationship with a British spy and might have been the central player in this story of treason.

Episode 8 is about Hidden Jamestown.

America’s Hidden Stories Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The season 1 of the show aired on March 4, 2019. The first season consisted of eight episodes that released weekly. As far as the next season goes, we don’t have an official announcement yet. There’s a good likelihood that the show will come back with another season. Our best guess is that if the show does get renewed, America’s Hidden Stories Season 2 can release sometime in March 2020. We will update this section as soon as we hear more

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