Amphibia Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date and Spoilers

Episode 3 of ‘Amphibia’ season 3 takes us on two different but equally compelling journeys. As Sprig adjusts to the standard capitalistic lifestyle, he finds himself trying exceptionally hard to win over the Boonchuys. Later, the Plantars take a trip to the vet, but on the way, they go way too easy on themselves, which almost exposes their actual identity. For a descriptive account of the events of episode 3, you can head to the recap section. Now, here is what we can expect from episode 4!

Amphibia Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date

‘Amphibia’ season 3 episode 4 is set to premiere on October 23, 2021, at 9:30 am ET on Disney Channel. The episode is 30 minutes long. New episodes release on a weekly basis, every Saturday.

Where to Watch Amphibia Season 3 Episode 4 Online?

You can watch ‘Amphibia’ season 3 episode 4 by tuning to Disney Channel at the above-mentioned date and time. If you miss the broadcast, you can head over to Disney Now’s official website or the official Disney Now app to catch the episode there. Additionally, you have the option to live-stream the episode on FuboTVYouTube TVSpectrumXfinitySling TV, and DirecTV. You can also buy/rent the latest episodes or previous seasons of ‘Amphibia’ on iTunesAmazon Prime VideoMicrosoft Store, and Google Play.

Amphibia Season 3 Episode 4 Spoilers

The fourth episode of ‘Amphibia’ season 3 will be another engaging episode having two amusing segments. We can expect the first segment, titled ‘Fight at the Museum,’ to be deeply thrilling as Anne and the Plantars will attempt to rob a museum. Silver Frog-Bot may also show up at King Andrias’ command and try to kill Anne.

Besides him, Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy will also return in the next segment, titled ‘Temple Frogs,’ where the family will take the Plantars to the Thai Temple. It might open another opportunity for Sprig to warm up to the humans and learn to co-exist with them comfortably. However, the FBI might also sneak up any minute and catch the Plantars.

Amphibia Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The first segment of the third episode, titled ‘Thai Feud,’ focuses mainly on Sprig and his passionate desire to fit into the Boonchuy family. For that, he is willing to go to any lengths, which reminds us of Anne in the first season. She had struggled to become a part of the Plantars but eventually pulled through, and now Hop Pop considers Anne as his own grandchild.

In episode 3, Sprig finds himself in a similar predicament as the hyperactive frog gives his best shot in winning the heart of the Boones. He participates in the kitchen chores as well as matters of the family restaurant to the extent that he sabotages another food truck just to ensure the Boonchuys don’t have anyone threatening them. Being separated from his family at a young age, Sprig wants to feel a sense of belonging, and that is what Mrs. Boonchuy eventually recognizes.

The second segment, titled ‘Adventures in Catsitting,’ is a humorous take on the perils of catsitting. The Plantars volunteer to watch over Anne’s pet cat Domino and take it to the vet. During the trip, they do a terrible job at keeping themselves in disguise, causing even the vet to notice Hop Pop’s fake nose. It also seems as if the FBI is aware of their presence, considering the evidence they have been amassing for a long time. Thus, it is only a matter of a few days until they catch the Plantars and chase them out or capture them.

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