Ana Kasparian Net Worth

How much is Ana Kasparian worth? $2 Million

How Ana Kasparian earn his money and wealth?

Ana Kasparian is a political pundit, motivational speaker and is better known for her online news show The Young Turks. Born in 1986, Ana was not so good at speaking English and used to speak Armenian but after watching the show Sesame Street, her English improved drastically. Ana Kasparian is a big name in the world of journalism. Her honesty “never say never” attitude made her one of the most effective journalists of all time. She did what she wanted to do and never compromise when it comes to her work. Ana has worked in many online news channels as a co-host. She was an assistant professor with KFWB and KNX which are CBS Radio news stations. But she didn’t like working for CBS Radio because of the robotic and negative work environment in the news station. As a journalist, she was not allowed to show the news that was important according to her. She just had to follow the instructions like a robot.Ana got the recognition and fame from her show

The Young Turks. Earlier in 2007, she was the fill-in host but later become the permanent co-host on the show. In parallel, she was also doing the talk radio on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. For the Young Turks, she has all the appreciation. She loved to be the part of the show. According to her, the show was raw instead of being scripted and she was allowed to express her thoughts on the show. TYT allowed her to express her opinions, sometimes aggressively.

According to Ana, young people love reading and listening to news but dislike the ones who read tele-prompters. Therefore she believes that today’s generation is more inclined towards online media because there, people are honest and genuine. Ana also co-hosted TYT University, a show based on showcasing the issues faced by the university students.

Later she worked on a show Think Tank, where she was host alongside many other hosts. Another TYT Network show, The Point, was her show where she had to tell the weekly news of new stories. The show became very popular.
In May 2015, she became a journalist and the writer at The Raw Story news outlet. In the same year, she eloped and married the model Christian Lopez. Their marriage was a private affair and they didn’t disclose it for 1 year. In 2016, both again got married in public in September.

According to Ana, “people do stupid and offensive things all the time, and we can’t expect to be shielded from it.” Kasparian is an atheist who vouches for progressive values. She had appeared on the Ted Talk Show in 2016 with her views.

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