Ann Coulter Net Worth

How much is Ann Coulter worth? $8.5 Million

How did Ann Coulter earn her money and wealth?

Ann Hart Coulter was born on 8th December 1961, in New York. She is a syndicated columnist, lawyer and a conservative social and political commentator. Her presence can often be seen on media such as radio, television, public and private events. Ann Coulter studied History at the Cornell University, the same place where The Cornell Review was founded. The University of Michigan Law School granted her, her Juris Doctor. She initially worked as a law clerk before she got a big break in 1990s, as a critic who was outspoken against the Clinton Administration.

Ann Coulter wrote on matters concerning the sensational Bill Clinton Impeachment which catapulted her into fame. Before this, she used to write legal briefs for Paula Jones’ attorneys and lawyers. She used to write about interesting cases in various columns. Many Conservative Web sites and newspapers support and publicize her column, Universal Press Syndicate. Ann Coulter is the proud author 12 best-selling books according to The New York Times Best Seller List.

In 1996, Ann Coulter made her first national appearance in the media. She first worked as a legal correspondent to the growing MSNBC network. She was later seen in CNN and Fox News. Some of the talk shows on which she has spoken and addressed issues are American Morning, HARDtalk, The Rush Limbaugh Show, etc. Some of the Domestic policies on her radar are Abortion, Civil Liberties, Hate Crimes, LGBT Rights, LGBT Conservatism, Transgender rights, Undocumented immigration, War on drugs, Endorsements, Alt-Right, etc.

Some of the Foreign Policies that she has expressed her opinion about are the Afghanistan war, Iran, Iraq war, Israel, etc. She was laughed at in 2015 for appearing on Real Time With Bill Maher and predicting that all Republican Primary Candidates including Donald Trump would win the elections, which in reality he won. She even endorsed him in the General Elections.

In 2016, She appeared on Comedy Central with Rob Lowe. It is speculated that Ann Coulter attended the show with the intention of promoting her book “In Trump We Trust” but ended up getting roasted by Rob Lowe as she herself refers to the conversation.

What are the highest grossing books of Ann Coulter?

  • High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton (1999)
  • Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right (2002)
  • Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama (2012)
  • Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican (2013)
  • Adios, America! The left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole (2015)

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