Where to Stream Annabelle Comes Home?

The Annabelle doll has risen from the depths of supernatural obscurity to become somewhat of a pop cultural icon in the horror genre, and ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ faithfully carries the lore forward. It all started with ‘The Conjuring‘ when the creepy doll was first introduced. The actual Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Ann doll that rests in a protected enclosure in the supernatural museum that Ed and Lorraine Warren used to run. It is supposedly possessed by a malevolent demonic spirit.

However, the movies have made it the stuff of legends and have portrayed the doll in a truly terrifying light. The 2019 movie, ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is the third installment in Annabelle’s storyline, following 2014’s ‘Annabelle’ and 2017’s ‘Annabelle: Creation’. While these stories have rarely shown Ed and Lorraine Warren, instead, tracing how the doll came to be in the possession of the demonologists, this movie squarely shifts the focus to the Warren household and why they treat the doll with such fear and respect.

The most significant feature about ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is the fact that Ed and Lorraine are not actually there to stop the evil, and the task falls to two teenage girls, and Ed and Lorraine’s daughter, Judy. This makes for some chest thumping horror sequences. Before we tell you where you can watch this delightful new addition to ‘The Conjuring’ universe, let us walk you through the plot of ‘Annabelle Comes Home‘.

What is Annabelle Comes Home About?

The story of ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ starts when the doll first comes into the Warren family’s possession. Ed and Lorraine take the doll off the hands of the two nurses who complained about Annabelle performing violent activities in their apartment. As they are driving back home, they are attacked but somehow survive. Lorraine realizes that the doll acts as a beacon for other spirits.

Once they bring the doll back home, they place it in a holy glass case and has the priest bless it, thus containing the evil. Soon after, we see that the Warrens are called away, and Judy is left in charge of a babysitter Mary Ellen. Judy seems to have Lorraine’s gift of sensing the supernatural because she keeps seeing the spirit of a priest. Anyhow, Ed and Lorraine’s infamy catches up with Judy and everyone at her school.

While Judy has to face a little bullying, Mary Ellen’s friend Daniela is curious about the artifacts they might have. She wishes to communicate with her dead father since she feels responsible for his death. Showing up unannounced at the Warren household, Daniela manages to enter the room full of supernaturally cursed artifacts, and the smart girl that she is, she touches everything, and even provokes the spirits to give her a sign. All is well until she accidentally leaves the key hanging from Annabelle’s case.

Once the doll manages to get out, this beacon for supernatural spirits has a gala time in a room filled with some of the most malevolent supernatural spirits. Annabelle releases the Ferryman, the Bride (a murderous spirit in a bride’s dress), a cursed samurai armor, and even a hound of hell. When Bob, Mary Ellen’s crush, comes to woo her, this hound attacks him, forcing him to hide in the Warren family’s backyard.

Meanwhile, the Ferryman attacks Mary Ellen, and Annabelle herself attacks Judy. Daniela too faces the brunt of her actions, as she becomes locked in the room full of haunted objects, tormented by a malevolent spirit in the form of her father. Before anything fatal happens to Daniela, Mary Ellen and Judy manage to save her and Judy explains that the mission is to lock back Annabelle, so as to put the other spirits to rest.

This is easier said than done because Annabelle is not done raising a little hell of her own. When the trio tries to retrieve Annabelle, Daniela becomes possessed by the Bride and turns murderous. However, she is contained when Judy plays a recording of Ed’s exorcism of the Bride. The priest’s spirit, from earlier in the movie, appears, and he seems to be one of the good guys because he shows the way to the doll. The battle is far from over as demonic hands emerge from the Feeley Meeley board game, but they manage to extract the keys to the case.

The entire situation is resolved by the skin of the teeth, as Mary Ellen and Judy show smart teamwork, and Daniela joins in to help them contain Annabelle in her case, and they finally manage to lock back the doll and all the horrors it brought upon them. They are also reunited with Bob, who miraculously survived.

By this point, we know that the storm has passed, and Ed and Lorraine arrive the next morning to hear the disconcerting tale of the very eventful night that her daughter and the babysitter had. Daniela makes it a point to apologize to Lorraine, who actually brings her a message from her dead father, assuaging the young woman’s guilt and helping her move on. The film ends as guests begin to show up for Judy’s birthday party.

If you know Annabelle, you know this doll’s story is far from over, and she will be up to mischief again, but before get ahead of ourselves, let us tell you where you can watch ‘Annabelle Comes Home‘.

Is Annabelle Comes Home on Netflix?

Netflix is a premier content provider and boasts of one of the finest libraries in the world. Thus it would be logical to assume that ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is on Netflix. However, it is too soon for that yet, and it has not been added. While we wait for the movie to arrive on the platform, you can check out the first film in the universe, the one that first introduced the menacing doll. Yes, ‘The Conjuring‘ is available on Netflix.

Is Annabelle Comes Home on Hulu?

Hulu has a swiftly growing library, and the platform has been quick to add multiple horror films to their collection. Unfortunately, ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is not one that has been added yet. However, if you are in the mood to see how a family copes with supernatural presences in the house, do check out the ‘Paranormal Activity‘ movies on the platform.

Is Annabelle Comes Home on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has an amazing library which can probably only be outdone by Netflix’s. However, when it comes to the horror genre, this platform can satisfy anyone. Although ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is not on Amazon Prime, don’t let that get you down. Kick back with these horror masterpieces, be it timeless classics or recent additions. Check out ‘Nosferatu‘ (1922), ‘Carrie‘ (1976), and ‘Hereditary‘ on this platform.

Where Can I Stream Annabelle Comes Home Online?

‘Annabelle Comes Home’ has not arrived at any of the major content streaming platforms yet, so there is no chance of it being available for streaming elsewhere at the moment. The movie was only recently released and is still on in some theaters. You have to wait until it leaves the theaters for it to be available for streaming.

Is Annabelle Comes Home Available on BluRay and DVD?

‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is not yet available on BluRay and DVD. It is likely to arrive in October 2019. However, if you want to watch it as soon as it arrives, we have a solution for you. Head here and preorder your copy of ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ today.

Can I Watch Annabelle Comes Home Online For Free?

Unfortunately, we have bad news for the freeloaders. Since ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is not available for streaming yet, there is nowhere you can watch it for free. However, if you are bent on catching the movie, you still might get a chance to view it by heading to a theater near you where ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is playing.

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