Anxious People Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Directed by Felix Herngren of ‘Bonus Family‘ fame and written by Camilla Ahlgren, ‘Anxious People’ is a flavorful Swedish original mystery drama miniseries with a warm and gooey filling in the center. The sleepy suburban Swedish township loses its sleep when a botched bank robbery turns into a hostage situation. Police inspectors Jim Johansson and his son Jack handle the incident while the robber flees the scene. Jack embarks upon a mission to catch the burglar and steal the limelight. But he may not know the truth that all the others involved in the case know.

Following its release on Netflix, the show has drawn viewership and critical engagement due to its excellent characterization, intricate storytelling, a demure noir ambiance, and heartfelt comedy. Leif Andrée, Lottie Ejebrant, Dan Ekborg, and Alfred Svensson play central roles in this unfolding drama. Although the first season wraps things up in a neat manner, you may be wondering whether a follow-up season is in the closet. If you are keen to find out the details regarding the forthcoming second season, allow us to spill all the beans.

Anxious People Season 2 Release Date

‘Anxious People’ season 1 premiered in its entirety on December 29, 2021, on Netflix. The first season packs six episodes with runtimes ranging between 23 and 34 minutes. Let us now unveil everything we know about the potential second season.

The director has not divulged anything about a possible second season. However, the show garnered a positive audience reaction on its release on the popular streaming platform. Felix Herngren reared the series based on the book of the same title by Fredrik Backman. The book is quite popular, and the series ups the ante with stellar acting and a charming ambiance. The audiences amply laughed at and with the quirky characters and the uncanny situations. There were not many polarities in the reception of the series, as audiences unanimously praised the festive-tinted small-town familial venture.

However, if we consider the genre of mystery drama, not many good mysteries run on for seasons. Although some television shows seem to drag the mystery to staleness, a taut mystery tale cannot outlive the suspense that it weaves. Moreover, the Swedish entries on Netflix do not get too many seasons. The police procedural drama ‘Fallet’ ended after one season, and the case was the same for the 2020 thriller series ‘Caliphate.’

The ending, too, wraps things up without rough edges. In the end, we discover the burglar’s identity, and Jack makes amends with Jill. The other characters get their closures as Liv moves in with Estelle, and Ro and Julia relocate to the apartment beside Estelle’s. Zarah and Bunny also consolidate their budding romance. Jack finally realizes that Gustav’s death was not his fault.

Therefore, as the series expends all the source material, there is not much to explore in the second season. Moreover, the series was initially conceived as a solo trip. Thus, the director may want to keep the story as it is. Therefore, considering all the aspects, it seems highly unlikely that ‘Anxious People’ season 2 will ever be made. However, this won’t possibly be the last time we hear from Felix Herngren, the acclaimed creator of ‘Solsidan’ and ‘Bonus Family.’

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