Archer Season 12 Episode 7 Release Date and Spoilers

In the sixth episode of ‘Archer’ season 12, Archer and the gang end up in Japan, where the next mission awaits them. They have to shield an important person from being targeted by a professional killer that happens to be acquainted with Archer. The result is a multiple back-and-forth time jump that pushes the now-harrowed protagonist to reevaluate his past. For more exciting details, there is a recap laid out for you at the bottom. Now, you can check out the release date and spoilers for the seventh episode here!

Archer Season 12 Episode 7 Release Date

‘Archer’ season 12 episode 7 will release on September 29, 2021, at 10 pm ET on FXX. The twelfth season comprises eight episodes of 25-30 minutes each. New episodes release on the network on Wednesdays every week.

Where to Watch Archer Season 12 Episode 7 Online?

Cable users can watch ‘Archer’ season 12 episode 7 on FXX at the date and time specified above. You can also catch the show on FX’s official website or FX Now by using your active cable subscription details to log in. Moreover, the upcoming episode will be available on FX on Hulu, a day after it is broadcast on television. Cord-cutters can opt for live streaming services such as DirecTVFubo TVYouTube TVPhilo TVSpectrum on Demand, and Sling TV. Episodes of the latest season are also available for purchase on Amazon Prime VideoiTunesMicrosoft StoreVudu, and Google Play.

Archer Season 12 Episode 7 Spoilers

In the seventh episode titled ‘Colt Express,’ the agency will tackle a new mission with unexpected help from someone new. This mysterious stranger, who is also a scavenger, will help them find their enemies, so we’re wondering if the next episode will open another emotional portal into Archer’s past. Are there more characters in his life that we should know of? Whatever the case, the season just keeps getting more exciting and revelatory!

Archer Season 12 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode, titled ‘Dingo, Baby, Et Cetera,’ takes us to the protagonist’s past surprisingly without Mallory in the picture. Instead of her, we see two new characters that have largely impacted and shaped Archer’s life. He is on a mission in Japan, which reminds him of his initial days as a field agent. His first endeavor as a spy was sabotaged by an assassin named Dingo, who had reached the target first.

Unfortunately, Dingo also happens to be his first girlfriend, Reiko, who had pretended to have feelings for him just so she could get close to her Yakuza boss target and even murdered his mentor McGinley. After that, she had disappeared, leaving her boyfriend heartbroken and scarred for life. The second source of Archer’s trauma is McGinley, a senior agent who brainwashed Archer into becoming the person he is today.

A very young Archer was forced to believe that there are only two kinds of people in this world: those that pay you and those that get in the way. Meanwhile, Lana’s marriage problems are far from being resolved, especially when she flirts with MI6 agent William during the mission in the present day. Archer runs into his first love once again as she offers to run away together. However, she stabs him, and he is forced to shoot her before she attempts to escape.

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