Will There be an Arctic Dogs Sequel?

Animated movies have only gotten better with time, thanks to improvements in technology. We can now see rich visuals coupled with deep and meaningful plots, aimed at delivering a thoroughly enjoyable film watching experience to viewers of all ages. ‘Arctic Dogs’ is a recent addition to a long roster of successful animated movies that never fail to grab our attention.

Keeping a light tone, the film deals with an Arctic Fox who dreams of being a star husky carrier for the Arctic Blast Delivery Service (a mailing service). However, he delivers a package to an evil villain and stumbles upon a plan to melt the Arctic. The courageous fox must now team up with his friends and his boss to put a stop to the evil plan. With elements of comedy and plenty of relatable emotions, ‘Arctic Dogs’ may not have been received well, but it is still an animation film that has its lovers.

Naturally, if the first movie is well-loved, it exponentially increases the chances of a sequel. This gives us high hopes for a sequel to ‘Arctic Dogs’. Here is everything we know about ‘Arctic Dogs 2’.

Arctic Dogs 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The story of ‘Arctic Dogs’ is likely to pick up where the first movie leaves off. Therefore, it would be important to note that like all good family movies, ‘Arctic Dogs’ ends on the happy note of Swifty the Arctic Fox saving the day after thwarting Otto Von Walrus’ nefarious plans of melting the Arctic.

So, what could ‘Arctic Dogs 2’ possibly be about? Well, it would definitely continue the story of Swifty, who we expect to see in his dream role as a Top Dog in his company. However, even if Swifty is still in the mailroom, he will be surely trying to save the day in his own way. This brings us to the possible villain in ‘Arctic Dogs 2’. Otto could be back once again, which would mean that the first movie marks the start of a bitter feud between Swifty and Otto. However, ‘Arctic Dogs 2’, like most movies, would prefer to have a different villain, in order to establish something of a rogue’s gallery for Swifty to combat on various occasions.

There is always the possibility that the sequel could take a jab at a workplace comedy, placing Swifty under an unrelenting boss, which could make for an interesting story as we see the Arctic Fox struggle to achieve his ambitions at the workplace. There could also be a workplace romance on the cards for the protagonist. Ultimately, ‘Arctic Dogs’ is a tale of friendship and teamwork, and we expect these themes to continue well into the sequel.

Now that we have mentioned that animated movies often opt for deeper themes, there is a way that ‘Arctic Dogs’ could become especially relevant, in the age of rising environmental concerns. The first film has a team of good guys effectively stopping the bad guy from melting the Arctic. The sequel could follow a similar theme, where yet another villain wants to see the Arctic ice gone. This would make Swifty and his team the effective protectors of the Arctic ice and the environment, which is surely something that the audiences can relate in a day and age where 16-year-olds like Greta Thunberg are needed to make speeches at the UN to get world leaders to sit up and take notice of the deteriorating environment of our planet. Undoubtedly, this would make the crux of ‘Arctic Dogs 2’ much deeper, but its handling would remain lighthearted, so more people walk away with an educational message delivered in an entertaining fashion.

Arctic Dogs 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

‘Arctic Dos 2’ will surely see Swifty and his friends return for yet another adventure. Thus, we will see Jeremy Renner voicing Swifty again, while Alec Baldwin voices PB, the polar bear, and James Franco lends his voice to Lemmy, the albatross. Heidi Klum might be back to lend her voice to Jade, the red fox, and might voice Bertha, the conspiracy theorist otter as well. If Magda, Swifty’s boss, is back in the sequel, then Anjelica Huston is likely to be voicing the role.

Doc Walrus might be returning as the villain once again, meaning John Cleese will be voicing the part. However, there is a chance that ‘Arctic Dogs 2’ will have a new villain, meaning a new cast member could be on board for the sequel.

Arctic Dogs 2 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

‘Arctic Dogs’ is being helmed by Aaron Woodley, with a screenplay that comes from Woodley, Bob Barlen, and Cal Brunker. In the event of a sequel, Woodley will most likely to return to the director’s chair, though there might be some changes in the screenplay writers, depending on the direction the story takes. If the first film is a successful venture, Entertainment Studios will be looking to be a part of the second project as well.

Arctic Dogs 2 Release Date: Will it Happen?

‘Arctic Dogs’ released on November 1, 2019. At this point, given the response, it is hard to imagine that the film will get a sequel. But if it does, you can expect ‘Arctic Dogs 2’ to release sometime in 2022.

Arctic Dogs 2 Trailer:

‘Arctic Dogs 2’ does not have a trailer yet, but you can check out the trailer for the first movie here.

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