Are Amber and Barnett Still Together?

Social media has become the go-to tool for diehard fans to grasp at the tiniest threads, which point toward the current whereabouts of their favorite reality stars. The same can be said for Netflix’s viral hit, Love Is Blind, that ended with an explosive finale on February 27, 2020. One of the couples who finally got married after their rollercoaster ride was Amber Pike and Matt Barnett.

Although they were under contract not to divulge any spoilers before or during the airing of the show, they have been droping quite a few not-so-subtle clues about their current relationship status. Considering that the series wrapped up filming in 2018, the couple’s social media posts thereafter have set fans on an online sleuthing expedition to know every detail about whether or not they are still together. Well, let’s offer our own inputs into answering the very same question.

Are Amber and Barnett Still Together?

To start off our social media scrutiny, we first turned to both Amber and Barnett’s public Instagram profiles. In December 2018, Matt posted pictures from Venice, accompanied by a selfie in front of Rome’s Colosseum. The same was done by Amber in March 2019. Interestingly, both their captions refer to the Gladiator. Barnett wrote: “Are you not entertained” while Amber  said: “The inspiration for my all-time favorite movie #TheGladiator #AreYouNotEntertained.”

Check out the posts below:

Of course, the dates of the above posts are not aligned. But we can safely assume that the couple did it intentionally to avoid dropping any spoilers.

In March 2019, Barnett again shared an image from Georgia, which coincidentally happens to be Amber’s hometown. His caption read: “Life can be crazy and hectic at times. When you are so used to going and going, it is nice to take a moment and take it all in. You never know what tomorrow may bring, so learn to love today.”

Yet again, both Amber and Barnett attended Dragoncon. The timeline of their posts differs here as well. But it’s hard to believe that the duo did not go together to the same event at the same time.

And most of us know about the same hat theory. Moreover, the posts are from the same month, i.e July 2019, within a gap of one day from each other. Both of them wished Happy Birthday to America in their own captions. But see the hat in the posts below. That would be too much of a chance encounter if they had not gone on that vacation together!

Yes, they might have the same taste in headwear but an exact match is what sent fans on a frenzy. Both are seen donning an American flag-styled, striped cowboy hat, and it’s an obvious clue that they did happen to enjoy yet another vacay together.

In January 2020, Amber posted a picture from South Carolina, seemly enjoying her New Year. But can you see the hand on her right?

Wait, now check out Barnett’s watch from the post below. We will leave the rest of the guesswork to you.


The final clue!

Amber posted a pic of hers lazing by the beach in July 2019. See the man on the right? Have a look at his shorts.

Next, check out Barnett’s post below. Matches, any?

Yes, when we first met Barnett and Amber, we were skeptical if they would make it to the aisle. This is because the former had previously had a hard time choosing between multiple women and even got involved in a love triangle with Jessica. But during the season and long after it, they have managed to stay committed to each other. The clues they have dropped on their social media handles are proof enough to show that they have indeed stayed together.

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