Are Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett Still Together?

Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett were one of the couples in Love Is Blind who said ‘I Do’ in the season 1 finale. Although the couple was a bit confused during the final moments that led to the altar, they decided to go ahead and tie the knot anyway.

The pair had their own share of doubts when it came to choosing if they really want to stay together forever as husband and wife. But the two succeded in sorting out their differences. However, real life is completely different from reel life. And fans who spend countless hours stalking their favorite reality stars wish to know about Amber and Matt’s current relationship status. Are they still together and going strong in their marriage? Let’s find out.

Are Amber and Barnett Still Married?

The answer is a big yes! The couple is still together and married. Apparently, Amber has even changed her last name to Barnett. In fact, her Instagram handle is packed with pictures taken during/before the airing of Love Is Blind, when the stars were bound by oath to not reveal anything about their current relationship status. Her posts go by the hashtag, #secretyearoffun.

Check out one of them below. It goes by this fun description by Amber: “Hi, we’re the Barnett’s… and we’re huge nerds! I can’t believe I get to have so much fun with the man I get to call my husband… ITS HUGE, and I’m SO LUCKY and SO THANKFUL!! ?.”

You can even find posts on Matt’s Instagram profile with the same hashtag. Check out one of them here:

Here’s another one where Amber reminisces about her crazy wedding with Matt. The couple is apparently quite happy and satisfied with their marriage.

After the show completed filming, Matt and Amber have been constantly traveling and experiencing new things together, with multiple vacations and even a trip to Comic-Con.

Now, more than a year has passed since shooting concluded for season 1. And most recently, the couple also shared their moments after they were accidentally quarantined together because of the unexpected Corona outbreak. Amber even shared a cute picture of the two enjoying some cozy time together while wearing matching, bright jumpers. She captioned it with the popular quote by Lewis Caroll: ‘You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret: All the best people are.’

Another recent throwback image shows Amber remembering some good times spent with Matt and his fam in Italy.

However, as newlyweds, they did have their share of marital problems at the beginning. Since Amber was unemployed, Matt was constantly stressed and hence, she took up a job as a cocktail waitress. Moreover, transitioning from their bachelor days and adjusting to married life was complicated. Matters became a bit worse when the pair realized that they both had different expectations from marriage.

Amber was so frustrated at one point that she even ended up calling a divorce lawyer. But they handled their issues with maturity and today, they are really happy. Even their families are getting along perfectly well and it seems the pair is set to be together in the long run.

What’s more? The couple is also planning a second marriage. They revealed the same during an interview with Amber said: “I still want to do the bridal showers and the bachelorette parties—all the traditional Southern stuff that we skipped over and rushed through.” However, the pair admits that they still appreciate their first wedding. Amber added: “That won’t take our original wedding back. It was a huge stepping stone for us.”

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