Are Jenny and Sumit From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé’ seems to have gotten hold of the secret formula of keeping the audience hooked to its addictive and binge-worthy show. Since its inception on January 12, 2014, the reality series has kept the fans thoroughly entertained. ‘90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ is one of the many successfully running spin-offs in the franchise.

It introduced to the world Jenny hailing from Palm Springs, California, and her love-interest Sumit belonging from the capital of India, New Delhi. We have been closely following the nitty-gritty developments in their love story, and here are the much-awaited fresh updates!

Jenny and Sumit: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh’s relationship has been more thorns and fewer roses since the day they crossed paths. In fact, it all began with a lie as Sumit lured her into the relationship by pretending to be an English model, Michael Jones. Having fallen for his personality, Jenny graciously forgave him and the two then prepared for her big move to India to start a new life with each other. Heartbreakingly, after Jenny arrived in the country, Sumit shocked fans when he introduced his beau as a casual friend.

Jenny was taken aback when she found out that the real reason behind Sumit’s unusual behavior is his “married” status. Jenny felt disgusted to have been kept in the dark and instead of wasting another second with him, went back to America. Sumit sincerely apologized and somehow even managed to convince her to fly back to India.

Fans have admired Jenny for giving her boyfriend countless chances and forgiving him each time despite his lying ways. In all fairness, he seems to have made up for it gradually as he stood by her side like a rock and fervently fought with his parents to ensure her acceptance into the Singh family. But the recent turn of events suggests otherwise. Let us answer the question that has been haunting everyone: Are they still together?

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together?

A glance at Jenny and Sumit’s social media accounts tells us that the two are still together. Their faith in each other and mutual love has clearly been helping them fight against all odds. But this does not mean that the situation is any easier for them than it was a while back. Rewinding a bit, Sumit had favorably managed to make his parents realize the misery their decision to arrange his marriage with a stranger had put him through.

Undeniably, this comes as a shock to everyone, yet Sumit and Jenny are determined to make it work, by hook or crook. They even get engaged without including the families to declare their seriousness for one another. But because his parents are so set in their ways, it is hard to imagine them accepting their son’s relationship any time soon, if at all. To worsen the matters, his parents’ logical arguments, according to Indian society, leave Sumit tongue-tied.

His mother’s “angry, mean, mad lady look” leads Jenny to turn her back on the emotionally delicate situation. Though she cannot understand the exasperated discussion primarily held in the Hindi language, Jenny feels utterly embarrassed to put everyone through the trauma and leaves the room vowing to return to America as soon as possible. Apparently, it seems implausible for Jenny and Sumit to continue the relationship amidst such complications. But their well-wishers have eagerly been waiting for a miracle!

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