Are Lindy and Miguel From Married at First Sight Still Together?

Many people in today’s environment may find it complex to imagine entering an arranged marriage or settling down with a stranger. But that’s the format of Lifetime’s reality series ‘Married at First Sight.’ It follows couples that were paired up by relationship specialists and consists of strangers who meet for the first time at their wedding altar. They are filmed for over six to eight weeks in a typical married living environment after being married off and sent on an all-expense-paid honeymoon before opting to stay married or seek a divorce.

Viewers watch the couples get a taste of what married life entails while they try to navigate their relationship till Decision Day. They go through various issues daily while trying to know each other well enough, which leads to some interesting drama and romances brewing on the reality show. One such couple was Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago from season 15; their sincere attempts to make the marriage work while also dealing with several complexities made them quite an engaging couple. Thus, as fans must now be wondering if they are still together, here’s what we found out!

Lindy and Miguel’s Married at First Sight Journey

Lindy Elloway is a Physical Therapist who graduated with honors in 2018 from the Western University of Health Sciences. Born and raised in Olympia, Washington, the then-29-year-old belongs to a religious family and worked for two years before being self-employed while also working part-time in San Diego. Miguel Santiago, then 35, on the other hand, is a Medical Writer from Manhattan who had traditional ideas about marriage after he saw his parents get divorced when he was 10. Lindy and Miguel were looking for their life partners through the show and seemed committed from the go.

However, things weren’t always smooth between them as they also saw their fair share of issues and differences in communication styles. Miguel seemed to be on the fence about their longevity as a couple, and Lindy had her doubts too. They also met their respective families, where both had direct conversations about their perceptions and plans for their futures. While Miguel’s family feared that Lindy’s student loans were going to be a burden on him, Lindy’s family doubted if Miguel had any underlying issues about marrying so late.

On the couples retreat, the two had a spat again when Miguel was irritated by Lindy’s moves, and both blamed each other for gaslighting one another. However, they did apologize later. They had another disagreement when Miguel talked about wanting Lindy to change her last name to his, while Lindy wasn’t sure of the same. On the other hand, Lindy also went on the fence when Miguel declined to add her name to his healthcare insurance as his spouse.

However, as Lindy and Miguel got past these issues after talking them out, they also had their loving moments around the same time. They poured their hearts out and said “I love you” to each other in a very cute moment and were looking forward to living a married life. Thus, at the end of the season, on Decision Day, both Lindy and Miguel chose to remain married and build their futures together. But after their time on the show, are they still together?

Are Lindy and Miguel Still Together?

Yes, Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago are still together. Despite their differences, Miguel and Lindy tried growing a mutual understanding which is why they were easily capable of making their relationship blossom over time. As they were eager to work on their relationship and communication, the pair continued to value and understand each other better when they got time to themselves after being in front of cameras for so long. Thus, Lindy moved into Miguel’s home in San Diego, and the two are planning their futures together.

However, the couple is very private when it comes to sharing regular updates on social media. They have kept their personal lives under wraps as both are absent on any social media platforms. To Miguel’s surprise, Lindy did end up adopting his last name, which was revealed when her new social security card arrived with the new changes. She said, “I feel so confident being your wife, so it was an easy decision for me when I realized I was ready to take your last name.”

As they live together, Lindy is busy redecorating their home a little more and also is well involved in her husband’s game nights. The newly married couple is now also eager to start a family and have a child. However, Miguel explained that he would only do that after buying their own home and getting settled into their new lives for some time. They want their little one to be born and raised in the perfect place, which would be their new house.

From what we can tell, both Lindy and Miguel seem optimistic about their future and want to give their best to make it work. During the season 15 Reunion, Lindy reassured their fans that they were off to a good start as a married couple. She exclaimed, “I did get the man that I asked for, that’s for sure!” Thus, we only wish them immense happiness and love in their future.

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