Are Madisson And Ish From Siesta Key Still Together?

Amidst all the controversies surrounding ‘Siesta Key’ season 3, one of the explosive reveals was when star Madisson Hausburg revealed that she is dating the show’s ex-producer Ismael “Ish” Soto, who is around 20 years her senior! In one of the episodes, she even introduces Ish to her father, whose reaction is direct proof of his annoyance. He says: “Is he a father figure to you? I think the relationship is a mistake, he’s too old. This guy is going to be an old man when you’re 39 years old. My hope would be that you would keep an open mind.” Well, we must admit that love knows no age bars! But since their romance had started off on such a complicated note, you might be wondering if the couple is still together. Read on for some detailed answers.

Madisson And Ish Siesta Key Journey

When season 3 of ‘Siesta Key’ landed on tv screens, we learned that Madisson had entered into a relationship with former producer Ish. Throughout the season, the couple was seen trying to get the blessings of their respective families. The maximum opposition came from Mad’s dad, who did not agree to the pair’s huge age gap. While Mad is in her 20s, Ish is in his 4os. The couple also received a fair share of backlash on social media. Due to all the issues that the duo faced in their journey, it makes us wonder if their love could survive it all.

Are Madisson And Ish Still Together?

The answer is a big, resounding yes! Ish and Madisson are still going strong and are pretty serious about their future together. Although filming for season 3 wrapped up several months back, we have some recent Instagram posts that prove our claims. In February 2020, Ish uploaded an adorable picture of Mad, wishing her a happy birthday. He wrote: “Happy birthday to the person that makes every day brighter! I love you!!”

And here is another one: “I’m a lucky guy. Happy birthday baby @madissonhaus.”

And here are a couple of posts from Madisson’s profile as well:

Although her dad had been against the relationship in the past, he is slowly coming around now. Madisson revealed the same during an interview with ET, where she said: “Obviously, I want my dad to approve and want him to welcome my relationship with open arms and I didn’t get that and I am still working on it, but I am learning that I need to also give him some space and time with that and I can’t just expect him to come around right away…. but hopefully, it’s working in that direction where we are making progress. Maybe I am being naive and hopeful.”

Madisson also revealed that the couple is seriously thinking about their future, a potential engagement, and a family. According to her, if one does not see the near future in a relationship, it is better to call it quits sooner than later. She had even hinted that a proposal might be due in 2020! Fingers crossed!

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